Video: Big Sean f/ Miguel – ‘Ashley’

Big Sean

Before there was Naya Rivera, there was Ashley. Big Sean raps about his ex-girlfriend in the cinematic video for his third Hall of Fame single featuring Miguel. The G.O.O.D. Music MC wrote the emotional song about his high school sweetheart before they split up in early 2013.

In the graphic clip, Sean’s ex plots to kidnap and kill him. After being violently attacked in his garage, he is tied up and taken to a motel as his topless ex and her new man make out in front of him.

Eventually he escapes his captor by beating her with a baseball bat, but he is caught again and taken to the desert, where he is forced to dig a ditch. We see him fight back and hear a gun shot before it goes black.

Witness the tragic end to his twisted love story.

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  1. daniel

    dope video!


  2. BigMiguel

    Thanks for the spoilers, rap-up. :S


  3. mhov

    This guy is soft as hell, to many emotional Mc. Kanye, Drake, Big sean lmao. Hip hop has gotten soft.


    Jade Reply:

    @mhov, so…


    Parker Reply:

    @mhov, Hip hop is not a monolith. Everyone doesn’t have to make thug music and put on a false, tough guy persona. Idiot.


    nwhat Reply:

    @mhov, No dude. Kanye, Drake are cool. But Big Sean gaay that’s 4 sure


  4. someone

    good music bad video…


  5. Kael Kaels

    Juicy Ish!


  6. mcdouble

    RIP lol


  7. You Mad 'Cause I Don't D--k-Ride Ya Fave?

    But she wasn’t finished Sean!

    What’s up with this? First J. Cole x Miguel, and now Big Sean x Miguel, good music, weird videos. Had to read the description just to understand it.

    I would’ve rather seen him and some girl break up and fight than this tho


    dee Reply:

    @You Mad ‘Cause I Don’t D–k-Ride Ya Fave?, no offense but what kind of idiot doesnt understand this video? lol


    You Mad 'Cause I Don't D--k-Ride Ya Fave? Reply:

    @dee, I didn’t get that she was his ex until I read the description, unless I missed something I didn’t draw a connection


  8. nikki

    loved this song, acutally my favorite on the album, it stays on repeat, but this visual just totally screwed it up, i wanted something more on the subject matter, i guess i would have to hear where they were trying to go with this video to make me understand, Big Sean this could’ve have been the comeback single do another video!


  9. BAWSE



  10. enetmagonline

    stupid thinking………….naya should be expecting her self in is next album after been use


  11. Chazzarae

    I liked the video…*Kanye shrug*


  12. KayKay

    Snooze fest


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