Video: Skylar Grey – ‘Coming Home, Pt. II’

Skylar Grey

Emotions run high in the music video for Skylar Grey’s “Coming Home, Pt. II.” The singer-songwriter originally penned the song for Diddy-Dirty Money and then recorded a solo version, which was featured in Budweiser’s Super Bowl commercial. In the heartwarming clip, Skylar sings the piano ballad while soldiers reunite with their families.

Watch the emotional homecoming below.

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  1. Free Spirit

    I LOVE Skylar Grey!!! Skylar is so underrated, and is such an amazing songwriter!!! I knew I liked her sound and tone of her voice when I first heard her on Fort Minor’s “Where’d You Go” and she has since come along way and I had always prefer her version of “Coming Home”… #TeamSkylarGrey


  2. vladica07

    Love her songs and her voice :) Definitely delivers and fulfills my spot for when Avril was awesome, she’s even better!


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