Celebrities React to Bruno Mars’ Super Bowl Halftime Show

Bruno Mars

The Seahawks weren’t the only winners at Sunday’s Super Bowl. Bruno Mars took the field and scored a touch down with his Halftime Show performance. After rocking MetLife Stadium with his Hooligans and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, the “Treasure” singer received praise from his peers, who flooded Twitter with their compliments.

“TIGHEST SUPERBOWL HALF TIME SHOW IN FOREVER!” tweeted JoJo, while Machine Gun Kelly added, “I’m proud to say I got to watch that live.”

From Jennifer Hudson to Juicy J, read the rave reviews below.

Ariana Grande: God I love live Bruno … he killed that

Jazmine Sullivan: Bruno did awesome!!

Juicy J: Bruno killed it

Gwen Stefani: @BrunoMars @ChiliPeppers wow amazing #halftime #jealous

Aubrey O’Day: Bruno is a Legend. He just inspired his fellow legends to try harder… impressive artist.

LeToya Luckett: Go Bruno GO!!!!!!! #Halftimeshow #SuperBowl

Estelle: Fckn phenomenal. #younglegend @BrunoMars @philsmeeze #werk!!!!

Dawn Richard: Go in Bruno

Leona Lewis: I knew @BrunoMars would kill it!

Karmin: @BrunoMars just wow

Jordin Sparks: HE DID THAT!! I am so here for that performance!! Yes, @BrunoMars! Sooo good. I got chills when you broke out James Browns signature! YES!

Machine Gun Kelly: Great fucking job Bruno Mars. I’m proud to say I got to watch that live. The chili peppers were so punk rock and awesome. You are awesome.

Omarion: Excellent performance!!

Asher Roth: @BrunoMars wins #SB48

Kelly Clarkson: Wow @BrunoMars just killed it at the Super Bowl!!! That was so exciting to watch! One hell of a performer and an AMAZING band!!!

JoJo: TIGHEST SUPERBOWL HALF TIME SHOW IN FOREVER! So turnt up dancing around/head-banging. This is sick!!! I am so inspired!!!

Tamar Braxton: This is an AMAZING Half time SHOW!! #yasGAWD @BrunoMars #Superbowl2014 #SUPERSTAR

Jennifer Hudson: Yes Bruno !! Giving it to em the old school way! Catch it

Jay Sean: Damn @BrunoMars fuxkin killlllling the Super Bowl right now!!!! My mannn powwwwww

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  1. diane

    AMAZING! I loved it. Go boy!


    Mandela Barb Reply:

    @diane, Jazmine Sullivan is that you!?


  2. coolness

    This young man right here is a true performer, a great talent. His show was on point last night. Some fan-bases tried to dampen the mood by calling his set boring and predictable when they stan for some pop stars who can’t even sing their respective songs live. Keep it Bruno!


  3. meme

    he did an amazing job. Beyonce was hard to top…but he did that


    BrunoDoowop Reply:

    @meme, Rihanna the hoe could never


    karamelkisses Reply:

    @meme, completely agree! i will admit that when he was announced, i was like “really?” and i love his music but he doesn’t strike me as a performer. however he did very good, so proud of the recognition & extras he will gain from this. on to the next, who will be headlining 2015? #watchitbetaylorswift


  4. Told y'all

    They was sleeping on Bruno he woke they asses up!


  5. mumi

    Oh my god, how can ANYONE like that performance?


  6. d

    Really Jojo????? Was last year’s performance not worth anything to you…..


    karamelkisses Reply:

    @d, calm down, she’s a self-admitted bey stan! maybe she was caught up in the moment because bruno did very good. the red hot chilli peppers weren’t really needed.


  7. Robr

    Celebs are the biggest lier and d*ck rider ever. So many fake people


  8. FormerlyFromTokyo

    A lot of un-diagnosed mental illness out there these days that people flat-out REFUSE to understand/accept opinions.

    People say celebrities are weird, but at least they don’t have weird obsessions masquerading as “loyalty” that makes their brains malfunction when someone enjoys something by someone other than their “faves.”


  9. faye

    The Camel and his bleached face cow r home crying


    janie Reply:

    @faye, I’m so thankful they couldn’t buy their way on the stage like with the grammys, because

    they’re so desperate for attention, that nasty camel probably would have mounted the white cow right on the stage, and made us all go blind


    brenda Reply:

    @janie, AND all of the 40,000 would have thrown up at the same time causing a flood of vomit and if we were lucky they’d both drown in the same kind of filth they spew out


  10. KayKay

    Nice and simple. Really enjoyed it. Love me some Bruno Mars :)


  11. lisa wise

    This show with Bruno Mars and his Band will go down in history as the best super bowl show ever, this is entertainment, Madonna, Beyonce, JT/JJ, and the like (in the words of MC Hammer) can’t touch this. boom!!!


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