New Mixtape: Maino – ‘K.O.B. (King of Brooklyn)’

King of Brooklyn

Maino crowns himself the K.O.B. (King of Brooklyn) on his new mixtape. The 11 tracks include the singles “Watch Me Do It” and “Tupac Problems,” with appearances from T.I., French Montana, Meek Mill, Troy Ave, Raekwon, Uncle Murda, and Jadakiss.

During a listening session in New York, Maino addressed the controversial title. “The people that’s out there every day, struggling and is hustling and is on their grind and all that, they don’t got a problem with Main saying he’s the king of Brooklyn,” he told Billboard. “You know why? Because I’m them. I speak for them.”

Does Maino live up to his self-proclaimed status? Stream and download K.O.B. below.

Download: Maino – K.O.B.

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  2. Bitches In Paris


    King of Brooklyn ? Negro please . How can you self proclaim yourself as the K.O.B but your music is ass ? LMAO .


  3. Soreniggawhat

    Lmfcooo.. Only ‘kob’ is biggie …nigga fuck OUTTA here !


  4. ogrizzyraw

    yall niggas hatin on maino hes def king of brooklyn how could big be the king when hes dead hes the realest emcee out there this mixtape might not be his best but rns whos makin noise in ny NO ONE so stop hatin


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