Rap-Up TV: T-Pain Defends Future, Co-Signs Chance the Rapper

T-Pain may be the king of Auto-Tune, but he doesn’t mind when others use it. The “Up Down” singer dismissed reports of friction with Future and defended the Atlanta rapper’s Auto-Tuned music.

“I’m down with it. I like it. I totally like it,” T-Pain told Rap-Up TV. “People always ask me how I feel. I’m flattered. I feel like that’s what’s working because I made it work.”

But he did take a moment to brag. “People wouldn’t be using Auto-Tune at all if it wasn’t for me right now,” declared T-Pain. “I feel like I’m the best to do it. I use it the best. When people try to compare me to other people using it, I don’t see the comparison.”

Still, he doesn’t see the need to hate on others. “They give Future crap for using Auto-Tune. And I see it all the time because it’s mostly fans of me that think I should be getting credit for it,” he explained. “I tell them, listen, everybody gets crap for everything. If you’re good at something, they’re gonna give you crap. If you’re bad at something, they’re gonna give you crap. So just let it be.”

Chicago newcomer Chance the Rapper recently tweeted that he wants to work with the Tallahassee hitmaker. So is T-Pain ready to accept his invitation?

“That’s happening. Chance the Rapper, I’m down with that,” he said. “He’s as weird as me. Me and him were both on episodes of ['The Eric André Show']. If anybody understands ‘Eric André,’ you’re a friend of mine. He did much more crazy shit on ‘Eric André’ than I did. I feel like that’s gonna happen.”

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    This is the dumbest topic EVER! I was hoping I would leave that article with more than I came with, but is was wrong. :(


    Mrunhateable Reply:

    @SWAYBEEZY, …but…. wait… I mean…. But what exactly did u feel u would gain from a t pain interview tho???


    SWAYBEEZY Reply:

    @Mrunhateable, lmao I know right?! I’m just gonna stop giving this dude the benefit of the doubt, and just leave him where he’s at from now on! Smh


  2. Khari

    Well, “we” love to judge. In fact, I’m judging “we” by even saying that (but do they really listen or do they just hear?). It’s cool brother Tpain I’m not judging. Do ya thang! Feel how you feel. And donate ma man. And anybody play Madden25 see me!!!!! id: NoMoStankinDunya. Evenings…


  3. shellie

    I love auto tunes when Future and Tpain use it. They r 2 of the greats. Jealous haters who dont know how to use it, will find any reason at all to hate to try and eliminate the competition, especially when they’re old selfish has beens that dont want to share the limelight and who need to take a backseat to young blood and retire.


  4. Beats By Vsmoove

    Man T-Pain is still the man to me. It don’t matter if other people hate on him or not, he’s the reason that most of the new artist have hit records by trying to sound like him. I totally agree with everything he said because at the end of the day it’s all just business.


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