Laurieann Gibson Reintroduces Herself as Harlee


It’s the reincarnation of Laurieann Gibson. The singer and choreographer is returning to the spotlight with a new project. The 44-year-old, who rose to fame on MTV’s “Making the Band,” has signed a deal with Akon and Justin Timberlake’s manager Johnny Wright and renamed herself Harlee, the self-proclaimed “captain of the dream warriors.”

In the mysterious teaser, Harlee struggles to escape the clutches of two men, who hose her and drag her through a dark warehouse while her feet remain bruised and broken.

“I fight for the people who need to be inspired #hope has wings – #Harlee,” tweeted Gibson, who has choreographed for Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj.

She previously released one-off singles including 2012′s “Last Chance,” but has never put out a full album.

Watch her reintroduce herself.

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  1. Zave

    Ummm at 44….NO…stick to yelling at girls for losing an 8 count…


    Raven-Symone Reply:

    @Zave, lmao! I was thinking the same thing





  3. Dave

    why? like…why?


  4. du

    This is so Madonna ”Die another day” video


  5. Deejay

    If this wasn’t Laurieann Gibson(Harlee) I would have thought that this was actually cool. But sadly……


  6. MaryJSmyth

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  7. white chocolate

    Go on Gibson . . .


  8. lolo

    too graphic lol, she’s better off doing something else.


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