Toni Braxton and Babyface Perform on ‘GMA’

Babyface and Toni Braxton

A week before Valentine’s Day, Toni Braxton and Babyface brought their love songs to the “Good Morning America” Winter Concert Series. The dynamic duo performed “Hurt You” and their acoustic ballad “Where Did We Go Wrong?” off their duets album Love, Marriage & Divorce.

Toni also discussed her brief retirement from music and how Babyface talked her out of it. “I was going through a really dark phase in my life,” she told Robin Roberts. “I was contemplating retiring and this guy here said, ‘It’s not time. What are you doing?’”

The album is expected to debut in the top 5 with 50-55,000 copies.

On March 18, they will kick off their two-week stint in After Midnight, the Broadway musical tribute to Harlem’s Cotton Club.

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    I just want to thank GOD, for that performance, cause only he is responsible for giving out voices like that. Babyface, you killed it, but Toni showed out when she went into that chest, that sounded all angelic & operatic.


  2. John

    I love that song, they sound so good together.


  3. John

    They sound so good together


  4. John

    Where’s the “Hurt You” performance though?


  5. cassidyboi



  6. holler

    Thank god for this album.
    I have been hooked on this song collection like Beyonce on indian hair, since this record came out!
    God bless both of them artists cause they deserve to be called just that: True artists.
    Real singing, passion, content and simplicity without being average and simple.
    This is how music supposed to sound!


  7. Kyle

    Their album is amazing! It’s the first great R&B release of the year.


    viciuzurban Reply:

    @Kyle, i would say j holiday’s guilty conscience is the first great r&b release of this year. but you cannot take away how great this toni & babyface album is. pure raw talent.


  8. coolness

    Man, this is the truth! Toni looks and sounds amazing. Same with Kenneth. Good to see them doing great things in music.





  10. Yasmine

    Thank God for Toni & Babyface. Real R&B music is alive. I wish more people would support their music because those sales are insulting for legendary artists of their caliber.


  11. honeyBFly

    real music love it


  12. realtalk24/7

    WOW what an amazing performance, no tricks, no gimmicks, no lipping, just straight feel good music at its best by 2 legends. Please go out support them if you know anything about music. Its sad other genres go out and support their talent. There’s no excuse why we can’t do the same. The album is best R&B album I heard in years!!! Go Toni & Babyface


  13. The Shaded Truth

    Thank God for Face & Toni and this album. I’ve been needing music like for years. Outstanding performance, 10′s across the board.


  14. jeremy

    20+ years in the making. this is real music. these two together is pure perfection. and toni….omg that voice, that face, that body ooo straight up perfection. loved every minute of this……


  15. FormerlyFromTokyo

    They did that.

    And Toni looks great; that dress and hair is on point!



    toni’s voice is like honey! so soft and sweet.


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