Video: K. Michelle – ‘Can’t Raise a Man’

K. Michelle

K. Michelle offers some words of wisdom to women everywhere in the Benny Boom-directed video for “Can’t Raise a Man,” the second single off her debut Rebellious Soul.

The R&B songstress performs against a lush backdrop as her fellow females put up with cheating, abuse, and drug use from their men. But no matter how hard they try, they realize that it’s too late to change a grown man’s behavior.

Her mixtape Still No Fucks Given drops on Valentine’s Day featuring remixes to Frank Ocean’s “We All Try” and August Alsina’s “I Luv This Shit.”

On February 21, K will hit the road with Robin Thicke on his North American tour.

Watch her cautionary tale below.

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  1. charlene

    Speak that truth girl! Amen


  2. oskillz



  3. Erica

    Surprisingly this was really good!


    Ted Reply:

    @Erica, surprisingly..? plz.


  4. Terri

    Love her love this song and video keep up the good work K.


  5. Justin Timberlake

    Biggest try hard artist in music history after Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga


  6. Justin Timberlake

    And the poor ‘Dilemma’ samle though lmao


    Justin Timberlake Reply:

    @Justin Timberlake, sample’


    trac-e Reply:

    @Justin Timberlake, you know that was a Patti la belle sample right…


  7. D. kells

    This is one of my favorite songs off her album. And as a man this song is real and the same can apply to a woman or anybody the lyrics speak the truth. You can’t raise nobody or help nobody who doesn’t want to grow or help themselves.


  8. Theresa Johnson

    I love your music and love you girl. Keep

    keep give them hit records. Keep up the
    Good work


  9. wonderland19

    Her best song to date.


  10. Kelvin Thomas

    Im not a fan of K Michelle at all. But i can give props when there due. Love the video. And love songs with a meaning and she sounds good. What sample is she using in the song during the beginning and the end. ” aaaaah aaaaah aaaaaah” where is that from


    singer4life Reply:

    @Kelvin Thomas, it’s the B-section of Beyonce’s “Signs”….the lyrics are… Every sign, from the first to the last”…….


  11. Stefanee Blakey



  12. RonnieJ

    Love the song & cute video.


  13. Tania Noel

    Girl this is my song i sing this song evey morning on the train to work. You go k


  14. Tim

    There isn’t a female r&b artist out at this present moment who’s keeping it this real NO SHADE! K deserves a salute!


  15. elizabethpharrison

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  16. briona

    k.michelle i love you and i like your song cant raise a man i will want to meet you lol i do you are so bueyiful with your hair and i love you im your number 1 fan lov you keep holding on ok by the way my real name is Amirah love you im sorry i keep saying “love you” but oh my gods.bye


  17. Mao_the_cat



  18. JustCoastWitHa

    yes K !


  19. GG




    The lyrics are Deep and True, and universal,
    everybody can IDENTIFY.It reminds me of a song my kid wrote recently,she been through a relationship she was to young to handle,she attempted suicide over it, she lived, thank GOD, then wrote about it. even though he was just a boy, he took her through it like a nigga, lying,cheating ect. I said this sounds like a k Michelle song, I know k.M. would love it, my kid is only 16yrs old, but an old spirit.gOOD jOB MS.k I FEEL YOU GURL.


  21. saniya

    i love you


  22. saniya

    4841539call me


  23. Kiasjah Huel

    I love all k.michell songs♥. She is best and the man had beat her is so crzzy that I can do somthing k.michelle I had followed you on insgarnd that I love it and the songs that call can’t raise a man that my song and I love it im 10 nice to met you k.michelle ☆♥☆♥☆♥☆♥☆♥☆♥☆♥☆♥☆♥☆♥☆♥


  24. Jackie Tyree

    Im the biggest Michelle fan since I laid eyes on her on lov and hiphopthe bitch is bad and yall all kno it.


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