Mariah Carey Taps Trey Songz for ‘You’re Mine’ Remix

Mariah Carey, Trey Songz, and Jermaine Dupri

Mariah Carey has lots of surprises in store for her Lambs this Valentine’s Day. In addition to releasing her new single, the pop diva will debut the video and a remix with Trey Songz.

“You’re Mine (Eternal),” which she wrote and produced with Rodney Jerkins (“The Art of Letting Go”), will arrive at digital retailers on Wednesday, February 12.

A press release describes the love song as “another classic anthem—just in time for Valentine’s Day!”

She has enlisted Trey Songz for the R&B remix, which will also debut the same day.

On Wednesday at 7:50 p.m. EST, MTV will premiere the video for “You’re Mine (Eternal),” which was shot at Puerto Rico’s El Yungue National Rain Forest. Mariah will join MTV News host Sway live in New York for the U.S. video premiere, while viewers worldwide will be able to watch the video live.

On Valentine’s Day, Mariah will make an appearance on BET’s “106 & Park” for the network premiere of the “You’re Mine (Eternal)” remix video co-starring Trey Songz.

It all leads up to Mariah’s first album in nearly five years, due May 6.

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  1. Kayla

    I’m pretty sure the song could have done without trey, but I’ll check for it anyway….


  2. JaneJMaultsby

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  3. elihkyh

    the queen of R&B is back and is playing no games mariah bring it on home girl……..


  4. JD

    Can’t wait. The Inseperable remix with Trey was sick.


  5. True_Jam

    Mariah Carey , Beyoncé , Pink & Jennifer Lopez the best female artist ever… since my chilhood!


  6. Free Spirit

    Damn, Mariah!!! She Could’ve At Least Got Usher For The Remix!!! Trey Songz Is A Gimmick and Played The Fuck Out!!!


  7. davidsneal

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  8. Rob

    They should put Usher instead of Trey this would be way better


  9. MeMe is a HO

    why is he the next little boy she wants to gobble up while “working late in the studio” what a gross old fat pig-who just made a complete skankkazzz of herself lipsyncing and wallowing like a giant hog on a piano while oozing her fat roles out for all to see-she is like a puke factory-


    viciuzurban Reply:

    @MeMe is a HO, someones jealous.


  10. white chocolate

    she really came to us ‘solidairily’ with this record. new word lookup. go headgoonnow mi


  11. vladica07

    Hope it will be great, I quite like the original. It will be interesting to hear their voices on a same song.


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