Kelly Rowland Celebrates ‘Liquid Gold’ Birthday with Beyoncé, Solange

Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland, Solange, and Angie Beyince

Kelly Rowland was surrounded by friends, family, and fondue at her 33rd birthday bash. Beyoncé and Solange hosted a “Liquid Gold Fondue Party” for their bestie at a private location in New York on Tuesday. The all-gold-themed celebration featured gold balloons, party favors, and lots of good food.

Guests dined on chicken, filet mignon, tempura, and crab ravioli in a variety of dipping sauces including teriyaki, creole mustard, and coconut curry.

Kelly appeared to be having a blast as she got a piggyback ride from Beyoncé and shared a laugh with Solange and cousin Angie Beyince. She was also presented with a gold cake with an elephant on top.

“Happy Birthday Sis!” wrote Bey, who posted the candid pics on her Tumblr page.

The birthday girl thanked her fans for their wishes, tweeting, “THANK YOU ALL FOR THE TREMENDOUS AMOUNT OF BIRTHDAY LOVE!!”

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  1. JD

    Thumbs up to this.


  2. Michelle Williams

    Where my invite Kelly? I love you too sis!


  3. BonnieStevegma

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  4. lance

    I’ll be honest, that description of the food made me hungry as fuck


  5. janie

    What a dummy. Beyonce is nothing but her FRENEMY who will do anything to keep her from writing a book or suing her, for using her to jumpstart her solo career, and then dumping her like used toilet paper, and not even allowing her to use her own legacy to rebuild the next phase of her life. Kelly Rowland is the biggest fool on the planet. I cant stand stupid people who run around being jealous of others when they’re not doing enough to help themselves.


    Had to Reply:

    @janie, you wish…just realize they are sisters and genuinely love each other. Kelly is fine. These days #1 isn’t the only thing that defines success. 33 million sold #remember


  6. frantzie

    Sisters do not USE each other and then get kicked to the curb when they are no longer useful.

    Kelly has no job (X factor is gone), no chance of modeling, no chance at a major hit album, no chance of beyonce creating a career for her like she did her real sister Solange, and is lonely as hell. As we see again, no evidence of the invisible groom any where in sight. He doesn’t even want to have a fake show business marriage with her ugly bad attitude jealous hateful azz, not even to get his hands in her pockets. She is pathetic.

    She’s always helping Lala to sell her books, get movie parts that should go to her, supporting her marrying a rich baller eventhough she doesn’t have one, but no Lala in sight for her bday. She’s a fool.


  7. IG: @ClothezMinded_

    I hate how they shade tf outta Michelle. Michelle got a bland ass impersonal tumblr post and Kelly gets a party? I know Bey and Kelly are like sisters but damn…they prob didn’t even invite her smh.


    DEANNA Reply:

    @IG: @ClothezMinded_, Beyonce not only shaded Michelle, she also shaded Kelly Rowland too. That party was all about Beyonce and her family.

    When someone gives you a party they invite all your friends and family, not just their family.

    Does Kelly have any friends and family??? Where is her fiance? mother? Lala?


  8. Ty Ty

    get into Solange’s fashions tho…mama serving ‘old church lady from a thrift shop’ T’s,faux fur and a praise & worship skirt…I LIVE :D


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