New Music: Robin Thicke f/ Tamar Braxton – ‘For the Rest of My Life (Remix)’

Tamar Braxton and Robin Thicke

Tamar Braxton is giving Robin Thicke’s single “For the Rest of My Life” some new life. The “Braxton Family Values” star joins the ladies’ man on the remix to his Blurred Lines ballad, which he penned about his wife Paula Patton.

The R&B powerhouses set off sparks as they ask “Baby will you stay mine?” on the wedding anthem.

On February 21, Thicke will hit the road with another one of R&B’s leading ladies, K. Michelle.

Listen to their tender duet below.

[Urban Informer]

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  1. Justin Timberlake

    Take notes g’arbage K Michelle


  2. Truth

    They sound so good on this song together I like it.


  3. poe

    it was nice


  4. jonie120

    Its ok


  5. Wow

    This is so good!!!!


  6. jonie120

    It doesn’t blow me away.I’m not hating or anything


  7. what

    Omg that was life changing.


  8. Tiger

    The original song was already great but I do love the extra spark Tamar added to it.


  9. TJ

    Yaaaassss. Tamar better SAAANG. Love the added fire she added to an already great song.


  10. TJ

    Yaaassss. Tamar better SAAANG. Love the added fire she added to an already great song. Good job Tay and Robin.


  11. markster_yo

    yesss ! first time hearing it . my new jam ..robin thicke has a new fan .. and Tamar Braxton betta sannnnng !


  12. The Truth

    K Michelle would have sounded better on this song.


    MJ Reply:

    @The Truth,
    Hummm no! i don’t think so! sit your ass down!


    Girl bye Reply:

    @MJ, how you gon get mad at someone for having an opinion. Sit stupid lil stan.


  13. Cha Cha

    I love this remix. Is it available for sale?


  14. IG: @ClothezMinded_

    They sound great together, I loved it! I loved Tamar rasby ad-libs toward the end. It so ironic that he is going on tour with K.Michelle though lol…he should have had Tamar instead IMO.


  15. JT

    It’s cool she gave it a lil more um to the song. I still like the oringal though.


  16. Music Fanatic

    The song is hot. Cant lie.


  17. sgeorge

    They sound beautiful together! Love love love it!!!!!! R&b IS BACK


  18. Rachel

    YES, GIRL, SANG!!!!!!!


  19. marchét johnson

    Oh my god the remix is fucking good I love tamar and Robin voice together it’s so good


  20. Creemel

    This was amazing they need to be making a music wow


  21. JD

    I like it.


  22. @TamarBraxtonHerbertFP

    Why are you guys saying it would of been better if K. Michelle sung on it? Appreciate the song for what it is! The song is great; I love the two of them together!


    GJ Reply:

    @@TamarBraxtonHerbertFP, preach it.


  23. no

    Mmmm. NO. I’ll stick to the original. The song doesn’t mesh well to me. I can tell they did the song in two seperate studios. I wish people actually harmonized together. Maybe it would of been better then. It seems threw together.


  24. KB

    THIS SONG IS EVERYTHING!!!!! I loved the original but this just took it to another level! Congrats Robin and Tamar, this is a hit!!!! :)


  25. Nicole

    I love it wish people could stop hating in just congrats that’s all dam!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  26. arleen scott

    love the song, wish it was a ringtone.


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