Video: Shanell – ‘Dedicated’


With Valentine’s Day around the corner, Shanell serenades her lover with the video for “Dedicated” off last year’s EP Midnight Mimosas. The Young Money songstress shows her man what’s she’s working with, busting out some sexy choreography in a studio. After the dance session, they hold hands and head off for what’s sure to only be the beginning of a romantic evening.

Shanell is working on her mixtape Nobody’s Bitch 2 and is set to appear on the compilation Young Money: Rise of an Empire, which drops March 11.

See her work up a sweat for her lover.

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  1. Raven-Symone

    Lmao the only other comment is spam. Her, D.Woods, and that nose ring need to vanish.


  2. GirlsBeLikeImissDwoods



  3. jadej

    I love shanell. Nice dance moves but video is wack and she ain’t lookin her best. =/


  4. Mao_the_cat

    I like it. Love the song. Wish she would get rid of that nose ring tho


  5. Beej

    I like the choreo, very smooth. I love watching couples in hip hop dance.


  6. Becky Tran

    Her nose atrocity is not helping the fact that she looks like a man… it’s just a fact that it’s hard for unattractive females such as herself to succeed in the industry #sorrynotsorry


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