New Music: Omarion – ‘You Like It’

You Like It

After announcing his new album Sex Playlist earlier in the week, Omarion debuts his first single “You Like It.” The MMG crooner gets down to business and gives it to his girl just the way she likes it on the infectious R&B jam, which borrows from DeBarge’s ’80s hit “I Like It.”

“Come and get what you want / Ain’t no need to fight it all / Girl, I know that you like it,” he sings.

Omarion’s fourth solo album, Sex Playlist, is due this summer.

Take it to the bedroom with Maybach O.


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  1. @iDontDoRatchets

    I love the beat. But his lyrics are always so mediocre! But I like it for what it is


  2. Rob

    Dope song! Cant wait for Ushers and Omarions album


  3. Paige

    This is is pretty good, i’m excited for his new music. I’m rooting for him, he has an amazing voice.



    Yess, this has to be the year for Maybach O. Mastermind #March4 tho


  5. YOO



  6. NM

    Omarion is the best r&b singer whether you like it or not , this year mayback O running this shit!!


  7. gregory



  8. Ice

    Damn, he came back hard.


  9. music26

    This reminds me of ciara body party


  10. Paradise

    yes this is sooo good, he surprised me with this one. thought he was done after the 21 album


  11. Tonya

    He’s one of the most consistent male R&B artists. Love him. So happy he didn’t get overboard with that electropop mess like Chris Brown.


  12. Chicago

    I like it


  13. JRONE

    This is Hit music!!


  14. Meka

    I like it, it sounds good you can’t go wrong with the Debarge family they have been sampled so much over the years. Omarion’s voice sounds so damn good to me I could listen to him sing all day. His new album is going to HOT LIKE FIRE he really deserves to shine. So welcome back to the top O.


  15. vladica07

    It sounds good, I like it!


  16. Beej

    Oh my god, he did NOT just sample my favorite song in the whole world! This is too much. My ears just melted off my head!!


    jub Reply:

    @Beej, can u tell me wat song it is. i feel like its on d tip of my tongue but i cant remember


    Beej Reply:

    @jub, I Like It by DeBarge. It says it in the article lol


  17. CallMeAce

    Omari coming hard dis year. We ready for that album man!


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