Video: Asher Monroe f/ Chris Brown – ‘Memory’

Asher Monroe and Chris Brown

Good times await in the video for Asher Monroe’s dance floor-ready single “Memory” featuring Chris Brown (think “Beautiful People”). The Virginia heartthrobs party the night away as they perform against lasers, fog, and fire, with some sexy female co-stars.

In between his rehab stint, Breezy is readying his oft-delayed LP X and Fan of a Fan 2 album with Tyga for a summer release.

Watch the fellas rave in the feel-good clip.

[MTV Buzzworthy]

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  1. holby

    Dope video, When Chris comes out of rehab he better focus and bring those ballads, no more uptempo this year.


    ? Reply:

    @holby, No more ballads this year!


  2. CBE

    I cant watch the video! fuck MTV Im off to youtube.


  3. JuliaXJulia

    I like but never heard of Asher Monroe?


  4. Major Sushi

    OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD … ASHER MONROE??? AHHHH!! MY BABY IS FINALLY HITTING IT BIG! I never thought i would see him in a Rap-Up post! T_T I’m literally crying!


  5. Irena

    Who the F is Asher Monroe and why is the brilliant CB on his track? Chris should stop getting in duets with people that are so below his level! Fat Joe (Chris’ part of the song is the best R&B vocal I’ve ever heard, and best lyrics, but damn fat Joe completely ruined the song!!), Pitbull, Afrojack and all that junk, wtf man?? We want that Dueces shit, that No Bullshit shit, that Ain’t Thinkin’ Bout You shit! Fuck these stupid collaborations, we need YOUR voice and your voice only!


    Dan Reply:

    @Irena, You should really consider thinking about the stuff you write before you hit submit.


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