Video: Katy Perry f/ Juicy J – ‘Dark Horse’ [Trailer]

Katy Patra

All hail Katy Patra. The pop superstar transforms into an Egyptian queen in the video for her No. 1 single “Dark Horse” featuring Juicy J. In the 30-second trailer, the legend tells us that kings would travel far and wide to win her heart, but only one would be “top dawg.” If she didn’t fall in love, “her wrath would leave you whimpering.”

Gold doors open to reveal a Cleopatra-like Katy, seated at a throne with diamonds in her grill.

Who will win her heart? Find out when the magical movie premieres February 20 on VEVO.

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  1. jlp

    Its gonna be great!! can’t wait!


  2. xo

    So tacky and immature I want a dark video


  3. Chantal

    Its gonna suck


  4. bobs

    Love the look… anything should be better than those last two turds she dropped.


  5. Channel_ROMAN

    Omfg she copied nickis roman reloaded make up and nickis weave style!!!


    dee Reply:

    @Channel_ROMAN, yo uh… youve heard of cleopratra right? hence “katypatra”… you should really educate yourself.


  6. The Shady Truth

    This is so symbolic and ritualistic that it isn’t funny at all! The imagery will be amazing but the message if you know is terrifying, misleading, and cruel! Did anyone peep that Katy looks like the Tatoo Rihanna has below her breast?


    Crazi Reply:

    @The Shady Truth, sure did that tatoo below her chest and on her foot that is shaped like a gun fashioned out of the queen with feathers.


    Raven-Symone Reply:

    @The Shady Truth, Rihanna’s chest tatt isn’t anything new that’s a pretty popular Egyptian symbol a lot of people use. You should stop over analyzing and just enjoy the video, because that’s ALL it is… A video


    The Shady Truth Reply:

    @Raven-Symone, I wasn’t over analyzing, it was an observation! Plus i never said Rih was the first with the tat, i was just indicating that there’s more to that tat than we think!


  7. ANON00

    Why is everything a theme w/ her?


  8. Rich

    Why do her videos have to be so damn campy?! It really affects the way I view her music and her as an artists. Tacky cheeseball mess express.


  9. Whut whut

    That’s imagery from the Egyptian God, Isis, to all those that feel that she’s stealing the idea from Rihanna’s tat. Read your history books.


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