Mariah Carey Wears Candy Bra for Valentine’s Day

Mariah Carey

Valentine’s Day was extra sweet for Mariah Carey. The festive diva celebrated the romantic holiday with her sweetheart Nick Cannon, a glass of champagne, and one edible bra.

Covered in glitter and modeling a bra made entirely out of heart-shaped candies, Mariah lay in a bathtub filled with pink balloons as she waited for her husband to arrive from New Orleans.

“Champagne, bubbles + candy and no Valentine yet…” tweeted Mimi, who shared the sexy pics with her Lambs.

Nick, who played in the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game earlier in the day, rushed home to his wife, bearing gifts including a diamond necklace that said “You’re Mine” in honor of her new single.

“Had to give my beautiful wife a little Valentines Day Surprise! #YoureMine #Diamonds #CandyBra #ConfettiOnTheBody #PartyTime #PutTheKidsToBed,” he tweeted.

In return for his thoughtful gifts, she showered her man with love. “My funny Valentine has arrived! #YoureMineEternal I love you @NickCannon,” said Mariah.

Earlier in the day, she appeared on BET’s “106 & Park” to debut the remix video for “You’re Mine (Eternal)” co-starring Trey Songz.

Photos via Facebook/Instagram

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  1. KenBarbUK

    How old is she again?


    A Realist Reply:

    @KenBarbUK, Who cares? She’s freaking gorgeous.


    Major Sushi Reply:

    @KenBarbUK, the same age as J.Lo


  2. Ant

    She looks absolutely gorgeous! Love her.


  3. Ice



  4. DON

    Looks like a refrigerator sprinkled with glitter (LOL) and balloons in a tub.


  5. H-Town, Bitchhhh



  6. Ty Ty

    Let’s just hope Nick ain’t a diabetic…that would be one short Valentine’s rendezvous…paramedics, insulin shots and what not,lol…JK. Am pretty sure he was all up that glitter donned surfboard *wink* ;)


  7. katy perry

    spongebob squariah


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  9. Nicholas Jackson

    I will hit dat any time


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