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2.15.2014 Uncategorized

Trey Songz Announces New Album ‘Trigga’

Trey Songz wants you to meet Trigga. The R&B singer has revealed the title and release date for his sixth album.

While attending the Get Schooled Foundation event at New Era Academy in Baltimore on Wednesday, he not only surprised students as principal for the day, but also gave them the exclusive on his new album Trigga.

“This may be something that can change,” he told the high school students during a Q&A. “But as of now, the album’s coming out June 30.”

The title is derived from his nickname/alter ego. He has released “Trigga” remixes in the past on which he raps over popular songs including most recently Nicki Minaj’s “Lookin Ass Ni**a.”

“I’ma be having fun on the album,” said Trey. “There’s a lot of great records on there. I worked with a lot of great people and I’m still recording every day.”

In December, he offered a taste of what’s to come with the DJ Mustard-produced single “Na Na.”

Trigga marks his first album since 2012’s Chapter V, which debuted at No. 1.

Watch him make the announcement below.


  • H-Town, Bitchhhh

    Yup!! RnB Is Still Alive

  • Ty Ty

    Sweet baby Jesus…please don’t let it be a rap album.Am tired of hearing these corny ass r&b singers trying to rap and act all gansta and shit (we already have drake for that, goddam it!)…am not here for that foolery!

    • Deli

      @Ty Ty, he started out as a rapper but unlike Drake he can really sing.

  • Anita

    People that need to take the name of The Lord in vain to express an opinion on something so little.. are the most unintelligent..disrespectful..lack or perception type individuals ever..smh

    • iQ matters

      @Anita, some people would say anyone who believes in an imaginary person sitting the clouds shifting the weather when he’s mad is unintelligent as well….

  • Anita

    I mean just look at that name “ty ty”??? YUUUPP a fool

  • Anita

    Lack of* typo

  • Wisdom

    Did you listen to Trey Songz’ (Not sure how to properly punctuate that) first album? It was more rap than R&B. Have you heard his mixtapes? Even if his sixth album is rap, it’ll be good. And chances are if his sixth album is all rap you will hear snippets before hand and know not to buy it.

    That being said, I just had a mini-freak out because a sixth album would make this year even better.

  • Marvell Mukuka

    Trey is a great rapper, u shud take time to listen to Lil Wayne’s “Don’t Love Me” Trey Totally killed the track!!!!!!!!

    • lisa

      @Marvell Mukuka, I love that song he did kill it

  • Yonela

    Surely it will be a hot album indeed,wherever you maybe u will always be a rockstar .We love you Trey keep on doin’ what you do best#Number one fan#