Rap-Up TV: Jhené Aiko Calls Drake Her ‘Musical Soulmate’

Jhené Aiko has found her match in Drake. During Power 106′s “Valentine’s Crush” concert in L.A., the “Bed Peace” singer opened up about her connection with the Canadian rapper, who she collaborated and toured with last year.

“I think that he is probably like my musical soulmate,” she told Rap-Up TV. “I just feel like our voices compliment each other, our writing styles, all of that.”

Last month, Jhené joined Drake while performing “From Time” on “SNL.” “I’m not really used to cameras yet and TV performance-type things, so I was just like super nervous,” she admitted. “I think it came out good.”

She also hinted at more collaborations to come. “I would love to do a full project with him. I think that it would be really dope,” revealed Jhené, who’s already had discussions with Drake about a potential album.

Following the success of her EP Sail Out, she is gearing up for the summer release of her full-length debut Souled Out. But unlike her EP, she is not focused on features.

“I just wrote the songs from top to bottom, but if someone hears a song and they feel like they can contribute and it makes sense, then I’ll definitely make room—if they can do it before the summer.”

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  1. meme

    they should def make more music together. Their styles complimenteach other. shes like the female drake.


  2. Mao_the_cat

    more music together PLEASE!!!


  3. @Draejerome

    ii Love her and her and drake make great music


  4. Malika

    2012 – rumored Drake & Rick Ross album
    2013 – rumored Drake & Aaliyah album
    2014 – rumored Drake & Jhené Aiko album

    Hmm okay.


    Later Reply:

    @Malika, 2011 – rumored Drake & Lil Wayne album


  5. Twista

    She didn’t know Saturday Night Live was…live?


  6. Someone

    That would be awesome


  7. Spastic

    Loved her music until i saw this interview, she is annoying and pretentious and loves herself, very very bad media training if any. Lets keep drake secrets to ourselves and batter our eyelids, lost a fan love.


  8. Kina

    First ever, I am not feeling it, not hot enough, keep practing, hope Drake hook up with Rihanna.


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