New Music: Estelle – ‘Make Her Say (Beat It Up)’

Make Her Say (Beat It Up)

Estelle satisfies her sexual appetite on her most provocative song yet, “Make Her Say (Beat It Up).” The British singer plays sex kitten as she whispers naughty things to her lover on the sex-drenched jam.

“Beat the pu**y up,” she commands over the chanting chorus.

The sultry song is taken from upcoming EP How Stella Got Her Groove Back, the third and final installment in her Love & Happiness series.

Lust for Estelle’s sexy new thing below.

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  1. Trent

    I love Estelle. She is a great artist and she changes her style . applaud!


  2. Mao_the_cat

    hate the song, love the pussycat on the cover


  3. freak

    Isn’t this very ‘Eve’/Tambourine????



    Estelle is soooo hit or miss for my taste. I think she puts out VERY quality work…I just don’t like everything. Just when I start rockin with her she goes and switches it up. But that’s what keeps music interesting I guess. Anyway- good job.


  5. wonderland19

    The industry is suffering right now. Everyone is trying to be the top stripper. Every female artist is resulting to getting naked to sell records. Sad and boring.


  6. carol

    gross. darn shame that a true talent has to resort to this mess to get attention. when other artist, like beyonce and JZ, pull dirty tricks to get sales, it causes this type of insane activity.


  7. vladica07

    I think she could have done this a more subtle way. I find her to be a class for herself, so Im a bit disappointed with this.


  8. 2bad2bme

    The beat is tough but i’m shocked at what all the girls been singing about lately lol… but hey if you support feminism this is what they believe they should do to stand equal to a man!


  9. paschal

    I wish I were that cat, I’ll insert my dick in between her thighs and ride her till


  10. Jamal

    who ever writes these posts is an idiot.. i dunno, but trashy slutty whores are not “sexy” and “sultry”



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