Rap-Up TV: Jason Derulo Readies ‘Talk Dirty’ Album

With his 2 Chainz-assisted single “Talk Dirty” closing in on No. 1, Jason Derulo is capitalizing on its success with an album of the same name. Fresh off the stage at Power 106′s “Valentine’s Crush” concert in L.A., a shirtless Jason shared details about Talk Dirty, the full-length U.S. version of last year’s EP Tattoos, which will arrive on April 15.

“When I was making this album, I wanted to go in and experiment and do something that was just totally different and off the wall,” he told Rap-Up TV.

The album will include “Vertigo,” a sultry collaboration with girlfriend Jordin Sparks, which also appeared on his EP.

For Valentine’s Day, the 24-year-old heartthrob surprised his lady by booking a hotel suite and filling it with 10,000 orange roses.

“She was shocked,” said Jason, who bought Jordin a BMW for Christmas. “I was shocked when I came in the room too ’cause I ain’t never seen 10,000 flowers in the room like that, so it was kinda crazy.”

So is his next gift an engagement ring? “When that time is right,” he laughed.

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  1. immaneed

    I really wanna see Jason do well, but I feel like this new album is gonna only include re-packaged songs from the Tattoos EP as well as poorly produced, poorly written generic bubble gum pop/r&b songs that will make it evident that he is looking for a quick hit.

    But I am glad he is capitalizing off of the success of Talk Dirty by re-releasing the video featuring a bunch of mainstream white media figures. This situation reminds me of how Taylor Swift sang a snippet of Nicki Minaj’s Super Bass and it ended up becoming a mega-hit for Nicki once she released it as a single. *Sigh* Oh, the power of whiteness. Either way, the song is doing well; sitting at #3 on the Hot 100. If he can release this video the same day Billboard starts tracking sales and views for singles he could potentially snag a #1, which will do nothing but help his cause.

    I hate to bring Queen B in the mix, but Imma need these r&b artists to start working with producers like Boots and others who recently worked on the BEYONCE album. That album just sounds different, ya know? Imma need these r&b/black pop artists to start pushing those sonic boundaries, pushing the song writing limits, pushing creative limits and just start doing better in general. And these r&b boys can take a note or 2 from usher who won a grammy for Climax, which was especially noteworthy for its production and vocals. Frank Ocean is also one that needs to be paid attention to for his creative ability.

    Please, Jason. Release quality.


    Swaybeezy Reply:

    @immaneed, can’t believe I read all that!!! I agree with everything tho lol


  2. tell'em

    Real humble dude and he’s come a long way. I wish him success with the new album.

    I agree with the first commenter on “quality”. This could potentially put him amongst Chris Brown and Trey Songz. He just needs to produce a quality album.


    Johnson Reply:

    @tell’em, Jason’s more of a pop artists than an R&B artists though so I don’t think you can compare him to Trey Songz.
    Also neither of the two artists you mentioned have ever made quality albums imo, they are both known for their hit singles, not necessarily hit albums


  3. katy perry

    He’s a singles artist. No one takes him seriously. Does the urban community even know who he is?


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