Lady Gaga Brings ‘ARTPOP’ to ‘Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon’

Lady Gaga

Following her brief appearance on Monday’s premiere, Lady Gaga helped Jimmy Fallon christen his “Tonight Show” stage with a white-hot performance of the title track off her album ARTPOP.

With blonde hair cascading down her back, the pop superstar opened her dramatic set by playing an avant-garde piano before descending a white staircase and jamming with her band as smoke filled the stage.

On May 4, she will kick off her “artRave: The ARTPOP Ball” tour in Ft. Lauderdale. She also recently shot a video for “G.U.Y.” at Hearst Castle.

Watch Gaga light up late night.


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  1. Dan



  2. c

    Such an amazing performance! Can’t wait to see this turned into a single and the video for G.U.Y.! :)

    Even if you don’t like Gaga, her vocals and show performance is on point!


  3. Marv'IAm

    That was a really good performance! Keep slayin’ Gaga! We’re waiting for that third singleee babe!


  4. Daniel

    Great performance .


  5. Ga

    This young lady flopped so hard it is hard to watch!
    All of the young starlets do not get the business side right!

    How many times do you hear people say
    Madonna needs to retire,
    she is old,
    she is ugly,
    she cant sing etc.
    but she got the damn business side right!

    I was never a gaga fan but from day one I knew the record companies will be her downfall! Who is supposed to pay for the extravagant costumes and creative binges?


    Major Sushi Reply:

    @Ga, -_____- you’re tragically misinformed. Every time Madonna comes out with a single, everyone’s always saying “She’s old. She needs to stop” have you not seen MTV Unplugged with Miley Cyrus? They have a song together.

    I was never a Gaga fan at first, along with Katy Perry, cuz i thought they would be a one time thing. But after their second album, that’s when they actually stood for something.

    Gaga became a muse for Alexander McQueen and Versage. She’s currently the face of Versage and the muse of the company.

    She gets her costume, not only from Versage, but all costumes, creativity, are all from “The Haus of Gaga”

    Please child, stop yourself before you wreck yourself.


    keep it real Reply:

    @Major Sushi, Versace*


  6. Yazae

    Rap-up exclusive hip hop and r&b … So why this site always stuck up GaGa’s ass … Her album called Artpop not Artrap or arthiphop or even artr&b and i know she aint none of these so it jus confuses me why i have to see her on here … I dont see u guys postin Britney Spears on here #JustSaying


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