Beyoncé Performs ‘XO’ at BRIT Awards


After her steamy “Drunk in Love” performance with Jay Z at last month’s Grammys, Beyoncé surprised her British fans with a dazzling set at the BRIT Awards 2014 in London on Wednesday.

Looking like a mermaid in a blue crystal dress by Vrettos Vrettakos, the global superstar delivered her single “XO,” dedicating the performance to her BeyHive.

“I’d like to dedicate this performance to my incredible fans. I love ya’ll,” she said.

On Thursday, she will kick off the next leg of “The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour” in Glasgow, Scotland.

Watch Queen Bey turn the lights out at O2 Arena.

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  1. Critic

    She looks stunning! Vocals were on point.


    YoMansKeeper Reply:

    @Critic, Yaasss, but can the kid get a dance routine?!


  2. Jonathan Gardner

    EFFORTLESS! Bey proves why she’s a cut above the rest, a true class act – and a STUNNING one at that. So glad she stripped it down.


  3. Raven-Symone

    Have you noticed Rihanna and Beyonce are never at the same event at the same time. This is random and I could be wrong but it just seems like there’s a reason behind. Other than their both doing Jay Z


    OVODRAKE Reply:

    @Raven-Symone, Jay z was in the audience and Rhitard is in new york . get a life b*tch


    Domo Reply:

    @OVODRAKE, actually rihanna is in Aspen celebrating her birthday dumb ass…


    Hector Reply:

    @Domo, You seem upset.


    Jlinz Reply:

    @Raven-Symone, shut the hell up forever! please


    danielle Reply:


    She’s afraid of demon rihanna. So afraid that she allows her husband to help someone she hates. Coward.


    daisy Reply:


    Jay-z money as a record executive comes largely from inking a 6 album deal with Rihanna.

    Not matter what beef Beyoncé & Rihanna HAVE
    Jay-z know he cant lost the “top grossing singer” in the world.

    Rihanna is the # pop act -in world .Hands down.
    Rihanna made no money from the deal she 1st sign at 16 yrs old . = that why she did 7 albums in 7 year.

    Rihanna albums + singles were gravy for Def Jam


    daisy Reply:

    @Raven-Symone, you are right

    Rihanna skips the grammy
    beyonce skip award show highlighting Rihanna


  4. Anonymous

    Favourite song and she killed it.
    Vocals are insane and her body to match


  5. Got Damn

    Need I say anything?? ***Flawless


  6. 2bad2bme

    Amazing. However, I miss her performances when she goes off and do a break-down section. Still I was satisfied no complaints here :)


    JD Reply:

    @2bad2bme, I feel exactly the same way.


    Raven-Symone Reply:

    @2bad2bme, there is hasn’t been any new choreography for her to steal so she has stuck with just standing and spinning on chairs.


  7. Dave

    I want her to go back to her exciting performances, vocals were on point but these boring performances aren’t cutting it.


    Your Thoughts, My words! Reply:

    @Dave, Exactly


    karamelkisses Reply:

    @Dave, this what mariah & adele do … stand on stage (mostly one spot) & sing. so now that bey’s doing it, which i think is to showcase her vocal ability, “these boring performances aren’t cutting it”? that’s exactly why the music industry needs her … there is NO ONE that is as great of a showman or entertainer as bey. that’s for her generation and this generation of musical artists. she studied & learned from the best a’la michael jackson, tina turner & diana ross.


  8. BEYHIVE2014

    YES!!!!!! Once again flawless vocals…the Queen never disappoints!


  9. Crystal

    @OVODRAKE, but Rihanna not in new York but anyway the chick up their is right they aren’t really at the same events and I doubt rihanna is doing jay z …and why she have to be a retard ??? :/ if u don’t like then don’t answer a comment about her


  10. wonderland19

    Boring, sorry. She seemed nervous too. Would have been better if she had more going on or performed a different song. ‘XO’ is a tad sleepy for a live awards show. Especially as she hasn’t performed at the Brits for 10 years. ‘Flawless’ or ‘Pretty hurts’ could have been a better choice.


  11. Major Sushi

    I would’ve loved it more if there were no back up vocals that were delayed.

    *Beyoncé walks in* “Who the fuck delayed the back-up vocals? OFf with their heads!!


  12. Your Thoughts, My words!

    It was ok! The best parts of that performance was her dress and the projections in the background tbh cause that’s really all i was focused on esp’ with those fireworks, colours and flashing lights! Personally i think she should’ve performed ‘Pretty Hurts’ which has more of a dynamic than ‘XO’.


    Rae Reply:

    @Your Thoughts, My words!, I agree completely. I loved the album and I still don’t get why this was a single before Pretty Hurts or Blow


  13. karamelkisses

    let’s see … if she does something up tempo, you all complain. she does something slow, you all complain. if you’ve listened to the new cd, NONE of the songs have the big choreographed moments a’la crazy in love, deja vu or single ladies. that’s not the space she’s in right now, it’s called growth. will she get back there? possibly but for the time being enjoy the music or move the f*ck on!


    No angel Reply:

    @karamelkisses, I couldn’t have said it better , ppl still gon complain no matter what


    Rogerthat Reply:

    @karamelkisses, I’m pretty sure Blow was definitely more of a typical Beyoncé video considering the choreo and theme.


    Andy Reply:

    @karamelkisses, yes, they were saying last year that she should stop dancing ‘cuz she always do the same. When 4 came up they disapproved her use of pop. Now she releases this and is boring ‘cuz she returned to r&b.

    You can’t satisfy haters, that’s all they are. No matter what Beyoncé do, no matter if she does the best album of 2013, they’ll still hate.


  14. Ashton



  15. DON

    Looks like she’s stripping down this era. No wind machines and no dance routines.


  16. JSTAR

    @karamelkisses !! BEST AND GROWN ASS COMMENT I’VE EVER SEEN ON RAPUP!!!! #ThumpsUp


  17. Nick wright



  18. darla

    ciara slowed down on dancing, and now she copies her. What else is new?

    She is the most greedy bish on the planet and her 10 minutes almost up. that kid must think the 3rd world nanny is her mother for sure.


  19. Kemarcé

    She slayed. Flawless vocals, stunning dress, no gimmicks…SLAYAGE!


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