Beyoncé Debuts Revamped Tour in Glasgow


After selling out arenas around the world, Beyoncé kicked off the 2014 European leg of her “Mrs. Carter Show World Tour” in Glasgow, Scotland, on Thursday. Queen Bey took over SSE Hydro Arena to debut a revamped version of her blockbuster tour, complete with new outfits and new songs off her self-titled album.

She commanded the stage in a tartan Givenchy top for her ladies anthem “***Flawless,” recreated the Crazy Horse burlesque show for “Partition,” and donned a sparkly catsuit as she worked a chair for “Drunk in Love.”

In addition to her usual hits, she also performed “Heaven,” “Blow,” and “Yoncé” for the first time.

The tour continues through March with stops in England, Ireland, Germany, Belgium, Spain, and Portugal.

Watch highlights and see the new set list below.



“Drunk in Love”




“The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour” 2014 Set List

1. “Ghost (Intro)”
2. “Haunted”
3. “Drunk in Love”
4. “If I Were a Boy”
5. “Flawless”
6. “Yoncé”
7. “Get Me Bodied”
8. “Baby Boy”
9. “Naughty Girl”
10. “Blow”
11. “Partition”
12. “Why Don’t You Love Me”
13. “1+1″
14. “Rocket”
15. “Irreplaceable”
16. “Love on Top”
17. “Crazy in Love”
18. “Single Ladies”
19. “XO”
20. “Halo”
21. “Heaven”

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  1. Daniel

    Dope! Hope she comes back to the US so I can see her. :-(


    joyce Reply:

    So this monster is bringing her drunk n love mess to Tina Turner’s hometown eventhough it is reported she has had a stroke since her pain was made fun of in that song???

    Allowing her little brother to starve and now this?


  2. FanOfAll

    Why doesn’t she dance anymore?


    LAX Reply:

    @FanOfAll, Are you Blind?


    Deejay Reply:

    @LAX, ^^^^^ lmao


    Dave Reply:

    @LAX, they’re right though, she’s only dancing a little bit, what happened to her FULLY choreographed routines? She needs to put on a better show, she is one of the greatest PERFORMERS of our generation I’m going to need her to stop holding back.


    Paradise Reply:

    @Dave, Go watch the peformance of Yonce and Flawless tell me she aint dancing


    imma need you to Reply:

    @Dave, maybe after she recorded an album and filmed 16 new videos she didn’t have a month to spend learning new choreography. the woman is human after all


    Dave Reply:

    @imma need you to, ….it’s her job to put on a show, that’s a weak EXCUSE


    what Reply:

    @Dave, Put on a show?

    And I wonder who you stan for…

    Beyonce > SHIT > Your Fav

    Neiko Reply:

    @Dave, wait what? Have you heard the album or nah??? She doesn’t have those types of songs to do full on choreo… So I’m confused on why you’re reaching for more when it’s not meant to be! Like what do you want from her??? She’s given you basically entire new tour with choreo .. After already being on tour a year!!!! Be happy she found the time to give a damn!


    A Realist Reply:

    @FanOfAll, She’s getting OLD.


  3. Kemarcé

    Can’t wait for her to come back to the US!!!!


  4. BEYHIVE2014

    YASSSSSSSSSS! Bey is going IN! She needs to come back to the US & release a DVD!


  5. Kyle

    I think it would be amazing if she did one more run in the US. If she did, I hope she goes to Boston again!


  6. Savt1st

    Now why couldn’t she do that version of drunk in love at the Grammys? Instead of the weak one she gave for millions of viewers?
    Anyway, I don’t understand why she can’t tour in Hawaii? She done toured a Caribbean island before…


  7. JD

    So excited to go see her in London again. I need to know if Rocket is really on the setlist though?


  8. Speechless

    Since Partition is the only song I care about, she could have done better than just make it a carbon copy of the video.


    Neiko Reply:

    @Speechless, again, Where is she going to find the time! Ungrateful


  9. Peter Pan

    1. Ghost (Intro)
    2. Haunted LIP SYNCH
    4. If I Were A Boy LIVE VOCALS
    5. ***Flawless LIP SYNCH
    6. Yoncé LIP SYNCH
    8. Baby Boy: LIP SYNCH
    9. Diva: LIP SYNCH
    10. Naughty Girl: LIP SYNCH
    11. Blow: LIP SYNCH
    12. Partition: LIP SYNCH
    13. Why Don’t You Love Me LIVE/LIP SYNCH/LIVE
    14. 1+1: LIVE VOCALS
    15. Irreplaceable: LIVE VOCALS
    16. Love On Top: LIP SYNCH
    17. Crazy In Love: LIVE VOCALS
    20. Halo: LIVE VOCALS
    21. Heaven: LIVE VOCALS


    KillYaSelf Reply:

    @Peter Pan, That’s a damn lie. People hate to believe Beyoncé can sing & dance at the same time. This is what she has done since she was a child. There are a couple moments where she does this to preserve her voice, but all of that! Fuck no…#lies!


  10. yikes234

    that’s a man


  11. yikes234

    correction: that’s RuPaul


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