Miley Cyrus Covers OutKast’s ‘Hey Ya!’ at ‘Bangerz’ Tour

Miley Cyrus

While OutKast prepares for their big comeback tour, Miley Cyrus is paying homage to the Atlanta duo on her tour. The pop rebel put her country spin on André 3000′s 2003 hit “Hey Ya!” during her “Bangerz” trek, which kicked off on Valentine’s Day.

Dressed in a bedazzled hat and shirt with her own face on it, Miley stripped down the funky hit into an acoustic jam, and gave her Smilers a peek at her rhinestone underwear while shaking it like a Polaroid picture.

“I want to see ya’ll on your baddest behavior. Lend me some sugar, I am your neighbor!” said Miley.

Watch her rework the hip-hop classic.

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  1. Greggy C.

    Will somebody please stop this tramp? I’m so over her.


  2. Rob

    Lmaoooo she’s copying Rihanna’s style so hard girl get your own idea smh


    from france Reply:

    @Rob, she’s copying rihanna with the wowboy shoes ?? tell me when rihanna wore cowboy shoes ??
    Plus, rihanna didn’t invent the cap and the oversize tshirt….


  3. katy perry

    I hear the tours flopping


    Wtf Reply:

    @katy perry, I HOPE SO!!!


  4. Wtf

    What was she, 13 then? What a tool. Jump off a cliff Miley Mangina.


    SWAYBEEZY Reply:

    @Wtf, Miley’s got a mangina! Miley’s got a mangina!!!!


  5. Janie

    Who wears their own shirt??????????


  6. Higashi

    Let Miley do her. Why people always gotta hate, shit


  7. Danielle

    @Higashi, you’re a fucking idiot, stop trying be be a peace maker. That bitch is crazy and something’s wrong w/ her and at home for her family not to be reacting. This is some white mess and you’re probably white. There’s right and therea is wrong. I can’t stand people like you. As soon as someone tells the God given truth, in your book it’s called”judging” or “hating.” It’s called being practical! She’s fuckin crazy. Other than Rihanna, who dances like they’re at KOD, busts it open and shoves someone’s thong in their mouth. Unless you’re into that and that’s why you feel offended. That hella nasty. Stfu!


  8. Musicjunkiee

    I hate the fact that miley gets all this hate . But yall praise rihanna’s ass & she dont have half of the talent miley does & she’s only 21 . Yes she can be a bit much but ‘ lets not front like miley cant sing . Google her accomplishments she’s achieved already & is only 21 . Hate on that !


  9. paschal

    I don’t care what u guys wanna say; all I know is that miley is very skiLled and talented. Miley can sing..she’s sweet.see those hot legs,it could make many of u hating on her to cum on your screens…miley go on, you are the best out there…We love you!


  10. dustin

    what is this world coming to when it becomes cool and socially acceptable to not just express dislike or aversion to a person but actual hate.

    how we treat others is a reflection of how we treat ourselves.

    anyway, the performance was okay. her opener sky ferreira fell on stage the other night and needed 60 stitches. i love that bitch.


  11. Sbu'dah

    Long live outkast ! Out with the bummy bummy twerk ass


    humi Reply:

    @Sbu’dah, tola umsebenzi


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