LL Cool J to Kanye West: ‘Stop Complaining’

LL Cool J

Twenty-five years after making his debut appearance on “Arsenio,” LL Cool J returned to where it all began. The rap icon-turned-”NCIS” star, who was the first hip-hop artist to appear on late-night TV, co-signed some of today’s stars including Kid Ink, Tyga, and Chris Brown.

“They remind me of me when I first started,” said LL, who appears on the remix to Kid Ink’s “Main Chick.” “So I was happy to get on that song.”

He also acknowledged ScHoolboy Q, Kendrick Lamar, and Kanye West “when he’s not complaining.”

“I love you man, but you gotta stop complaining,” LL told Yeezus before joking, “Don’t hit me.”

Plus, he spit an impromptu version of his 1987 classic “I Need Love” and explained how Michael Jackson once punked him.

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  1. Malika

    Preach L


  2. Jay

    Washed up old ass artist always saying shit to stay relevant!! smh


    MyOpinion Reply:

    @Jay, i`m sorry, LL Cool J is STILL relevant he still staring on a top rated television series which he makes millions of dollars annually from. so just because he’s stating his opinion doesn’t not mean that he is hating. lets not forget LL Cool J has done many of things in his career that a lot of todays artist can not match i.e., starting in many blockbuster movies, release SEVERAL platinum albums, won SEVERAL Grammy’s, stared in his own sitcom and wrote a few books, lets not forget to mention his career has been going on before some of these artist were even born. so in all, Have some respect for the G.O.A.T


    trey Reply:

    @Jay, you make it painfully clear what a hop hop newbie you are. Just dumb.


    Irrelevant Reply:

    @Jay, I know show business is all about whose hot and what’s new, right! But why can’t niggaz just be who they are without need to be so called relevant all the fucking time his relevant she relevant why can’t we just enjoy something for what it is…you don’t always have to be the coolist kid on the block give this relevant shit a break…damn enough already…your need to talk about what’s relevant and what’s not relevant is irrelevant how about that!!


  3. Kyle

    @ Jay, LL Cool J may not be at the forefront of the rap game anymore but he has left his legacy and has moved on to bigger and better things. What other rapper do you know has a flourishing film and television career and hosts major events like the Grammy’s!? I have nothing but respect for him and agree with his comments about Kanye West. That dude is ALWAYS complaining about something and takes everything he has achieved for granted. Pathetic!


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