Mariah Carey, Tamar Braxton, & Jennifer Hudson Perform at ‘BET Honors’

Mariah Carey

The divas showed out during the 7th annual “BET Honors,” which taped earlier this month in Washington, D.C. and aired on Monday night. Mariah Carey, Tamar Braxton, Jennifer Hudson, and Janelle Monáe all blessed the stage, while this year’s honorees included Aretha Franklin, Berry Gordy, and Ice Cube.

Perched atop a piano, Mariah kicked things off with the debut television performance of her new single “You’re Mine (Eternal).”

Tamar Braxton paid tribute to Berry Gordy with a medley of Diana Ross’ “Do You Know Where You’re Going To” and “Upside Down.”

Janelle Monáe also serenaded the Motown legend with the Jackson 5′s “I Want You Back” and “ABC.”

Jennifer Hudson and Karen Clark-Sheard brought down the house during their soulful salutes to Aretha Franklin.

And the Queen of Soul herself honored the late Nelson Mandela with “A Change Is Gonna Come.”

Watch all these performances and more below.

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  1. Edward Dave

    I think all these ladies did a fine job. It’s nice to see tributes to legends and figures who’ve done substantial amounts in their craft.

    Mariah, in particular, had really good production value she her vocals were great. And before people say it’s lipped, please listen to the actual studio version. If ANYTHING, it was dubbed. But it was still nice nonetheless.

    And it was nice to see that Aretha still has her ol’ singing chops that made her relevant.


  2. J'Smart

    Tamar Killed! That woman voice is amazing!


  3. A Realist

    Wow. Mariah sounded great! I can’t wait for this tour. :)


  4. Kyle

    I am still not convinced with Mariah’s new single. It’s so boring and she has done this type of song so many times before. I was hoping for something more interesting.


  5. P

    Mariah sound amazing, looked amazing, and kept it simple. She is truly a global, vocal treasure. Anyone who likes music should respect her talent (fan or not). Mariah did that.


  6. Ed_TRU

    Janelle Monae aggravates the shit out me me for some reason. IDK, whatever.


  7. JD

    Everyone was on top form. Karen Clark, Mariah Carey & Jennifer Hudson all killed it.


  8. AD

    So nobody is going to say ANYTHING about Mariah Carey being on top of that grand piano LIP SYNCING FOR HER LIFE?! I, and all of black twitter, can’t be the only ones who noticed this. She looked great, but honey. At the very least, record a live sounding performance track.


    Multiracial Dude Reply:

    @AD, with all do respect, listen to the studio version and then the performance. It’s different vocals. If you noticed, some of it was live and some of it could have possibly been dubbed. But it wasn’t lipped to the oeiginal track like “black twitter” claims.


  9. ICK

    Jennifer Hudson look like diane carroll back in the day she did a great performace she killed it


  10. ICANT

    I CAN’T with Mariah Carey and the thing she called a performances. And to the person saying its not lip syncing cause its not the original track! there is a thing called pre-recorded vocals. Which was clear she was doing here. This is the reason her career is at a stand still. She is too busy thinking of ways to look pretty and thin and forgot all about singing.


  11. Dope

    Mariah looks cheap.


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