Pharrell Williams ‘G I R L’ Album Stream


You don’t have to wait until March 3 to hear Pharrell Williams’ new album G I R L. Less than a week before its release, The Neptunes hitmaker has made it available for streaming on iTunes Radio First Play.

The 10-track follow-up to 2006′s In My Mind features the Oscar-nominated hit “Happy,” plus appearances from Justin Timberlake, Miley Cyrus, Alicia Keys, Daft Punk, and JoJo.

“Imagine if all of the talk show hosts in the world were women, all of the presidents were women, this is my gift to them,” said Pharrell, who will perform at Sunday’s Academy Awards. “This album is dedicated to women across the world.”

Sit back and immerse yourself in the sounds of Skateboard P.

Click here to stream the album on iTunes Radio.

G I R L Tracklisting

1. “Marilyn Monroe”
2. “Brand New” (feat. Justin Timberlake)
3. “Hunter”
4. “Gush”
5. “Happy”
6. “Come Get It Bae” (feat. Miley Cyrus)
7. “Gust of Wind” (feat. Daft Punk)
8. “Lost Queen” / “Freq” (feat. JoJo)
9. “Know Who You Are” (feat. Alicia Keys)
10. “It Girl”

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  1. Angel

    Wheres the stream for Ashantis new album?????


    King Reply:

    @Angel, pandora premiered her new album


    Angel Reply:

    @King, I know they needa put it up and support Thx tho.


    Mandela Barb Reply:

    @Angel, Why have we not addressed Pharrell’s blatant betrayal in enlisting Miley Cyrus? Has he not heard? Did Beyoncé not make the message clear? #stopmiley2014


    Mandela Barb Reply:

    @Mandela Barb, And where are the black girls on this cover?
    This is why Pharrell is beginning to piss me off.


  2. FanOfAll

    So good !
    Although when it first came on I thought it was The 20/20 Experience Part 3


  3. Yasmine

    Pharrell is an amazing artist. Love this album!


  4. Deejay

    This whole album is so so good. I can’t even pick a favorite track. It’s way better than his first album.


  5. Ed

    I was looking forward to this … but this shit is so basic. Bored. Good to see JoJo getting in again tho! Moving on to MASTERMIND.


    Issa Reply:

    @Ed, People like you are why R&B doesn’t get the respect it deserves. Your mind has been numbed by the autotuned, repetitive bullshit laced with rap to the point that it barely features singing that when something like fresh comes around it’s foreign to you. Poor slave.


  6. Mao_the_cat

    Album is fine.

    So… both songs Pharrell recorded with ex-N.E.R.D. female member Rhea went to Miley Cyrus. They leaked in like 2012 or something. So Rhea must be his new demo singer. One song is on Miley’s album (Rhea – Wait = Miley Cyrus – #GetItRight) and another one is here on Pharrell’s (Rhea – My Motorcycle – Pharrell – Come Get It Bae (feat. Miley Cyrus)). Interesting.

    Damn, I am such an insider!!!


  7. Frenchie97

    wooow can’t wait


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