Rihanna Readies Concept Album for Animated Movie


Rihanna is plotting her next blockbuster. The pop superstar will create a concept album based on the animated film Home.

DreamWorks Animation chief Jeffrey Katzenberg announced the news during the company’s earnings conference on Tuesday, reports Variety. She will also perform new songs in the movie.

Home, formerly known as Happy Smekday!, is based on Adam Rex’s award-winning book The True Meaning of Smekday. Rihanna will play one of the lead characters opposite “Big Bang Theory” star Jim Parsons. Jennifer Lopez and Steve Martin also lend their voices.

In the film, friendly aliens invade Earth to escape their mortal enemy. When one of their own accidentally reveals their whereabouts, he has to flee with a teenage girl, taking a road trip across a postapocalyptic America. Along the way, he learns what it means to be human.

Directed by Tim Johnson (Antz, Over the Hedge), Home will hit theaters on November 26.

This will mark Rihanna’s first musical endeavor since 2012′s platinum-selling album Unapologetic.

In August, she will join Eminem for a three-city stadium tour in New York, Los Angeles, and Detroit.

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  1. freak

    This will be a huuuuuge movie!
    Even bigger than her forehead!


    from france Reply:

    @freak, LMAO !! you dared!


    JD Reply:

    @from france, Lmao incredible response.


    Rob Reply:

    @freak, I don’t see a problem on her forehead sis you mad?


  2. from france

    LMAO !! you dared!


  3. JD

    Why did they pick her of all artists. This sounds like a terrible concept. Rihanna single the on the soundtrack of an animation. No thanks.


  4. Cody

    Does this mean the earliest her next album will drop is December? :(


    Whatcha_Sayin Reply:

    @Cody, Soundtracks normally drop before the film, no?


    tala Reply:

    @Cody, is that bad?
    i wish it would come out in 2078!


  5. ?

    I’m a little nervous but I trust Rihanna and know she’ll bring the best!


  6. Chase



  7. Ice

    She should be cautious, a movie concept album was what basically ended Ne-Yo’s career. Libra Scale was horrible.



    SMART. Those animation movies bring in big money and it will help present Rihanna in a more wholesome image. I think we’re all still recuperating from Pour it up, lol.


  9. Meme

    Da fuk. Ain’t no one here for this bull. This sounds like a horrible move. I think the idea of her contributing music for the movie is fine but a whole album, no thanks. I hate how her management treats her like a cash cow. They know she is bankable and marketable so they are just throwing her on all these shitty side projects. We want a real album.


    Really! Reply:

    @Meme, What the dumb skank can’t think for herself! Why shouldn’t they use her like every other man in her life. Lmao! The album and movie will flop like battleship.


    Alex Reply:

    @Really!, Battleship didn’t flop, my dear.


    ? Reply:

    @Alex, LOL


    the fuck Reply:

    @Alex, actually it did


  10. Chris Etrata

    This sounds like dreamworks animation wanted a rihanna vehicle to get in some of the cash she’s earning so they took the film rights to a book and then got rihanna to pretty much be the face of the film. Not just playing a character but basically centering the film around her. Its not like she’s overexposed oh wait.


    Shoniqua Reply:

    @Chris Etrata, why would they need her money, if every dreamworks movie earns 700+ million dollars. Rihanna hasn’t earned that kind of money for all of her projects combined…


  11. @Princejawsh

    Good! I miss her music..


  12. Ciarastan



  13. TPS

    this will be her first good since 2007′s GGGB


  14. Andy

    LOL so the alien wants to learn what is to being a human? RIHANNA IS PERFECT FOR THAT!! Strip clubs and dollar bills, I still got my money!! LMAOOO #StillLoveYouRiRi #HorribleIdeaTHO #GoodLuckTho


  15. ozzyone

    I think you guys are being a little pessimistic… It’s very different from what we are used to hearing from her and I predict that she’ll change her image to a more “wholesome” look. Bey and miley are jacking her style anyways lol


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