New Music: Dawn Richard – ‘Dark Horse (Unicorn Remix)’

Dark Horse (Unicorn Remix)

In between recording her sophomore album Blackheart and preparing for Danity Kane’s comeback, Dawn Richard puts her dark spin on Katy Perry’s No. 1 PRISM single “Dark Horse.”

The leader of the Hearts teams with producer Noisecastle III (“Valkyrie”) on the mysterious “Unicorn” remix, which boasts a reworked beat and Dawn’s haunting vocals.

“It’s always fun to be in the lab with Noisecastle III,” said Dawn. “We were working on the Danity Kane project and decided to randomly take a break and this happened. Something only the Hearts can appreciate. We always do things with our little twist. Done in true Heart music form.”

Listen as Dawn brings Katy’s hit into her own world.

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  1. Krystle

    Yassssss! Love this Dawn!


    Michelleslays Reply:

    @Krystle, I totally agree! Dawn can do no wrong !!!


    karina Reply:


    dawn music should not be sold to anyone but haitians.


  2. Nickimybish

    I fuck with Dawn cuz she made this song her own! Yes !!!


  3. Theone

    Dawn out here winning! Sang Dawn!


  4. MIAX12

    In love! #NowPlaying for the rest of the week


  5. Heauxsinhere

    Ms. Richard …. Well fucking done! love me some you


  6. Yeezus

    Damn Dawn….. so you just gonna shut it down like that!
    Sheesh. Killed it hun


  7. SoYeah

    I am in love….dawn you are it


  8. bijan

    Ms #donowrong


  9. Kalin

    Better vocals, definitely, but somewhat annoying.


  10. Slayeisha



  11. Trea Smith

    soooo autotuned. I hate when the “venture off” into their solo stuff. DANITY KANE is amazing. Don’t know when they want to go off and record solo albums. DK hits #1 on billboard.. their solo stuff don’t.


    Marquis Reply:

    @Trea Smith, I’m confused. I usually see you on Instagram showing love to the ladies of DK but your comment here shows the exact opposite. Dawn has been developing her sound since her “A Tell Tale Heart” mixtape. Like she said on the soundcloud post “We always do things with our little twist. Something only the Hearts can appreciate.” She makes the kind of music she wants to make, period. #1′s are nothing without a musical legacy to back them.


    Trea Smith Reply:

    @Marquis, Yes, I do show love to the girls on IG. I just wish they would all stay together. How awesome would it have been if they all four would have played a part in this? Pretty bad ass. I just feel like Dawn and Aubrey are always trying to hit it big solo and thats just not going to happen. Shannon and Drea are 100% down for the group. It just doesn’t make sense. Focus on the group, girls.


  12. marlie

    this horse looks like something satan would ride. bring dark evil spirit music in your home and watch the madness begin


    Shadeed Reply:

    @marlie, ..I cannot with the illuminati stans…


    PlainSight Reply:

    @marlie, Dark Horse is a reference to the black horse from the book of Revelation. Dawn is sold out. She’s trying so hard to get put on, to the point where she chopped off her nose and did her chin. I remember back in Making The Band she used to talk about Jesus and prayer but now all her new solo music alluded to satanic themes.


  13. Mao_the_cat

    i am bored by her, this kinda sucks


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