Rihanna Struts Her Style at Paris Fashion Week


Following her rendezvous with Drake, Rihanna served up some fierce looks at Paris Fashion Week. Rocking an olive green leather dress, the bad gal stepped out to the Balmain womenswear show on Thursday, where she met up with creative director Olivier Rousteing, who bowed at her feet.

“@olivier_rousteing my fashion soul mate!!!” tweeted RiRi, who is the face of the French designer’s spring/summer 2014 campaign.

“In front of the camera, she makes you feel like she is the only girl in the world,” said Rousteing. “When the woman that inspires you wears your creations, your vision feels complete.”

After changing into a fur shawl and fedora, she made her way to the Lanvin show, where she sipped champagne alongside her assistant Jenn Rosales and stylist Mel Ottenberg. Backstage, she caught up with creative director Alber Elbaz.

See more pics of the fashionista’s head-turning looks below.

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  1. Real TALK Homie NYC

    But damn people hate on Drake but he’s smashing Rihanna. She is the sexiest women alive, oozing sex appeal.


    KT Reply:

    @Real TALK Homie NYC, Drake’s not fucking… And she’s kind of a basket case, so that’s nothing to really brag about.


    dana Reply:


    Photoshop should be illegal. the real rihanna was on oprah with buck teeth, big fohead, bald head, and knobby knees, looking nothing like this.


    the fuck Reply:

    @dana, bitch how the fuck is this photoshop, theyre paparazzi pics youre dumb as fuck


    DEANNA Reply:

    they would have a beautiful baby with sun kissed skin


  2. ffdfd

    aids infested caribian slumm


    Your Thoughts, My Words! Reply:

    @ffdfd, and you’re ass that gave it to her right?! Since you know so well! #GTFOHWTBS

    Love how the colour of the dress compliments her skin tone or vice-vera!



    She looks like a diva. I love the fur shawl!


  4. @Princejawsh

    Looks like a model


  5. Danielle

    @Deanna, they’re not having any babies and what are tou saying? If he had a kid w/ brown or dark skin it would be just as beautiful. Men don’t want Hoannas jezebel pussy. Get over it bitch!


    Reasoning and Logic Reply:

    @Danielle, Jealousy is a bitch and hate eats from the inside till it consumes yoiu. I guess she has your man huh? Is this Kea or just one of her hating friends?


    Danielle Reply:

    @Reasoning and Logic, I guess I’m jealous of a Bajsj slut that jumps on evey dick, hops back to back from CB and Aubrey takes off her clothes, sings like a cow in labor, bullies people, pretends to be a dyke and never wears any clothes for attention. Fuck y’all Rihanna stans. Fuck you and Rihanna’s pussy. She’s as loose as jello and wide as the ocean. Men want her good pussy but she’s been passed around like a blunt. And she’s famous for making seizure like dance moves showing up to shows late always high hit her fan in the head, fuck that bitch. She’ll WILL end up like Whitney if she continues. It’s not even a phase, she’s a professional hoe and CB is Bobby Brown bitch. Men act like this women is God or something. How is good pussy loose pussy? No ones hating on this hoe and your “Queen” it’s called being practice you damn dummy.


    zim Reply:

    @Danielle, delusional


  6. NASIR

    The baddest.


  7. mumi

    So ill. She’s a supermodel.


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