Pharrell Talks Oscars, Alicia Keys’ New Album, & Competing with Rick Ross


Pharrell Williams has every reason to be “Happy.” In less than 24 hours, his second solo album G I R L has topped the iTunes charts in 60 countries. Fresh off his performance at Sunday’s Academy Awards, The Neptunes producer called into Angie Martinez on Hot 97 to discuss his loss at the Oscars, his wife Helen Lasichanh, and his famous Vivienne Westwood Grammy hat, which was purchased by Arby’s for $44,100 on eBay.

In addition to his own music, Pharrell spoke highly of Alicia Keys’ next album. “Alicia’s album is crazy. Harlem is gonna be real proud,” he said of the R&B songstress, who he collaborated with on “Know Who You Are.” “New York is gonna be real proud. She’s getting ready to do something super next level. It supercedes anything that’s out.”

Plus, find out how he feels about releasing his album on the same day as Rick Ross’ Mastermind.

On losing Best Original Song at the Oscars: “I feel OK. That experience was incredible. … The album is No. 1 at the moment in about 60 countries on iTunes, like what. I’m like, thank you, guys. I attribute all these great breaks and opportunities that the universe has given me.”

On his wife: “When you’re around somebody a lot, you guys see a lot of the same things, you’ll start to have your own little trends just based off your walks of life. We have basically the same path, so I think like she thinks and she thinks like I think in terms of the things we like and the things that we’re into. That was a huge reason why we got together. That’s like my bestie.”

On the price paid for his Grammy hat: “I’m just like what. That’s bananas. It’s for charity.”

On Alicia Keys’ new album: “Alicia’s album is incredible. The last time I said something like this, everybody was lookin’ at me crazy and I told them like, ‘Listen, ya’ll don’t know Miley Cyrus.’ And they was like, ‘Nah, she’s Hannah Montana.’ And I was like, ‘OK, you’ll see.’ Alicia’s album is crazy. Harlem is gonna be real proud. New York is gonna be real proud. I’m tellin’ you. She’s getting ready to do something super next level. It supercedes anything that’s out and it’s awesome because it’s a woman and it’s a black woman and there’s just a whole other level of what she’s doing and I was very honored to have her on my album, and we actually worked on some records for her album while she was doing that for me. New York, be very proud because she’s done something next level.”

On competing with Rick Ross: “I’m happy to be on the same day as him. I love what he does and although music is changing, it’s just awesome to see him continue to prevail and reinvent himself.”

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  1. anita

    I love “Happy” and Pharrell seems like a good guy. Looking forward to Alicia’s new album. She is the real thing and so so talented.


  2. galaxy games

    Alicia!!!!! My ears are beyond ready!!


  3. kate

    he is getting older and getting more stupid


    realest Reply:

    @kate, come on kate, don’t lift ya skirt that high ma. have a seat b. fa real doe. what kind of name is kate. Leave skateboard p alone ma.


  4. Please no More Alicia

    All we can do is hope and pray that she does not damage our ear drums with another Girl on Fire Screamfest. Lord Knows that song was lethal! I still haven’t recovered


    Anita Reply:

    @Please no More Alicia, Poor poor unrecovered. It’s so terrible that you don’t know how to NOT listen to music you don’t like. Watch out she’s coming again and I can’t wait to hear what she’s got this time. Go get em Alicia and sing it extra loud!


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