Ariana Grande Covers Whitney Houston at the White House

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande joined Patti LaBelle, Aretha Franklin, Jill Scott, and other “Women of Soul” for a special concert at the White House on Thursday. As President Obama and First Lady Michelle looked on, the 20-year-old pop diva charmed the audience.

“Mr. President, Mrs. Obama, what’s up, how are ya?” she asked the First Family. “What’s up? It’s all good?”

After getting the thumbs up from Mrs. Obama, she showed off her powerful pipes with a beautiful cover of Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing,” which earned her a standing ovation.

“I’m going to sing a song by a woman who’s inspired me endlessly since I was a little girl,” said Ariana while introducing the ballad.

She also performed her own song “Tattooed Heart” off her debut Yours Truly.

For the finale, she dueted with Jill Scott, Tessanne Chin, Melissa Etheridge, Patti LaBelle, and Janelle Monáe on “Proud Mary.”

The full concert, “Women of Soul: In Performance at the White House,” will be broadcast April 7 on PBS.

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  1. David

    She got patti to stand up she got it


  2. Tralalala

    Jus saw ker Kaballah wristband
    Kabbalah wristband!
    Hahahahahahaha Hahahahahhahaha
    Nice try girlfriend


    Formerly From Tokyo Reply:

    @Tralalala, You doing the most to prove something is funny, though. Nice try girlfriend.


  3. No angel

    She got it!


  4. fa

    Her Kaballah wristband
    Sit down girl


  5. Kal

    Not a duet if its more than two people.


    Formerly From Tokyo Reply:

    @Kal, Indeed. It’s a sextet (6 women).


  6. Bee

    It sounded like she was scared to hit a few notes & She was nervous you can here it, but overall she did Whitney justice good job cuz that is a hard song to sing


  7. sum guy

    i feel bad watching this…considering my daughter watches her on nickelodeon…but boy can she sing


  8. Morgan

    Yes, yes, yes … sing, girl!


  9. A Realist



  10. Robert

    Made me actually miss Whitney Houston when she use to sing this live. She sang most of her songs better than the original songs. I will say this girl can SING! Better than most.


  11. muzikxxx

    She did a good job but doesn’t touch Whitney’s.


  12. white chocolate

    anybody patti gives her approval to is ‘the newest’ in my opinion.


  13. Robyn

    When she came in on Proud Mary >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


  14. Formerly From Tokyo

    It sounded like karaoke, cause she was playing it safe rather than just belting it out, but she can “sang” – I just needed her to take those restraints off.

    And it’s a “sextet,” not a “duet.”


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