Kid Cudi Steps Out to ‘Need for Speed’ Premiere

Kid Cudi

Kid Cudi is having a rager of a week. In addition to the top 5 debut of his album Satellite Flight: The Journey to Mother Moon, the Cleveland rapper aka Scott Mescudi makes his big-screen debut in Need for Speed, which had its Hollywood premiere on Thursday.

Looking like a movie star in a floral-print blazer and leather pants, a clean-shaven Cudi pulled up to the red carpet in a red-hot Mustang.

He stars alongside “Breaking Bad’s” Aaron Paul in the action film, which opens March 14. “I fell in love with him right away,” he told Entertainment Weekly of his co-star. “You connect with people when you see a bit of yourself in them.”

Next up, the 30-year-old will play Ari Gold’s assistant in the upcoming Entourage movie.

A makeup-free Skylar Grey also hit the red carpet, showing off her tomboy style in rolled-up shorts, a trucker hat, and Y-3 sneakers.

Skylar has collaborated with Cudi on the Need for Speed end title song “Hero,” which is set to debut Tuesday.

Photo credit: Splash News + INF Photo

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  1. 2bad2bme



    Deejay Reply:

    @2bad2bme, lmao



    @2bad2bme, LMAO he tried it.


  2. hellothere

    damn nigga fine


  3. Rocky

    Someone tell me when did Kid Cudi become Man Cudi?


    LM Reply:

    @Rocky, when he got himself a new set of teeth



    um he look different


  5. @Princejawsh

    He looks soo grown !


  6. bob

    Look like dl hughley


    June Carter Reply:

    @bob, More like Barack Obama


  7. Funny shit

    Kid Cudi looks like he took a grown man age pill. Lol. That nigga looks like he produced records for James brown and Sam cook. That nigga just stepped out of a black and white movie. Lol. That nigga looks like Nelson Mandela with that denture looking teeth. Kid Cudi, you might go with just Cudi from now on lol. Just having a good laugh y’all…


    Tev Milli Reply:

    @Funny shit, LMAO!!! U a fool!


  8. shak

    got luv for cudi for real.


  9. Beej

    He looks like a mix between a young Denzel and Will Smith circa “Pursuit of Happyness.” Am I reaching?


    Beej Reply:

    @Beej, Woops I meant ‘Hancock’ not ‘Pursuit of Happyness.’


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