Tracklisting: Iggy Azalea – ‘The New Classic’

The New Classic

The wait is over. After much anticipation, Iggy Azalea unveils the tracklisting for her debut The New Classic. Due April 22, the 12-track standard edition includes the singles “Work,” “Change Your Life,” and “Fancy,” while three additional tracks are featured on the deluxe.

The Aussie rapper taps Stargate, Timbaland, T.I., Mavado, Watch the Duck, Charli XCX, and Katy Perry, who co-wrote “Black Widow” featuring Rita Ora.

In a 2012 interview with MTV, Iggy explained the album title. “What makes something classic is when you hear it and you have that moment that is a time capsule,” she said. “When I say The New Classic, I just want to make records that give you that moment for fans that they can remember where they were when they heard it.”

The album is now available for pre-order on iTunes. If you purchase it, you will receive the instant track “Impossible Is Nothing.”

See the tracklisting below.

The New Classic Tracklisting

1. “Walk the Line”
2. “Don’t Need Ya’ll”
3. “100″ feat. Watch the Duck
4. “Change Your Life” feat. T.I.
5. “Fancy” feat. Charli XCX
6. “New Bitch”
7. “Work”
8. “Impossible Is Nothing”
9. “Goddess”
10. “Black Widow” feat. Rita Ora
11. “Lady Patra” feat. Mavado
12. “F**k Love”


13. “Bounce”
14. “Rolex”
15. “Just Askin’”

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  1. Relvry

    My girl is doing it big this year. Been following her since she started!!! She deserves the success that’s coming her way.


    Mandela Barb Reply:

    @Relvry, I’m still not over that album cover. Looks like a b side from one of her photo shoots. Is the house symbolic of anything or even personally significant? Nah. And that dumb border..but I digress.
    Don’t flop Iggy, because then you could end up on a group hug tour with Rye Rye and Kreayshawn.
    I don’t harbor any ill will for Iggy, but I certainly haven’t been able to get into her music. I want her to win me over so time will tell. The titles have potential.


  2. bezel

    I expected better.. I feel like Bounce, Work, and Change Your Life are better than her recent single.. and all the feautures are washed up artists.. she has great connections with Eminem, Ariana Grande, Katy Perry, Rihanna, Nicki, Drake etc… idk why she chose these artists.. Movado is the decent one


    lottery Reply:

    @bezel, maybe she didnt want to over crowd the album with huge features. This is her time to show what she can do as a solo artists. Not everyone needs to be attatched to a million features to stand out.l


    Jay Reply:

    @bezel, maybe she doesnt want to credit her success to a big artist feature? Ive been wondering about this too, why she doesnt do more features for other artists etc, I think she wants to do it more on her own (except T.I. who was the first artist to support her big time and the rest up and coming artists/friends)


    NewCLASSIC Reply:

    @bezel, You a nicki fan yall hate on any female rapper. LOOKIN ASS NIGGA is on the bubbling under 100 chart while fancy will be on the bollboard hot 100 this week…Ill wait…


    Marv'IAm Reply:

    @NewCLASSIC, I’m a Nicki fan and I’m an Iggy new fan but I don’t try to compare both artists! I’m waiting for The New Classic and The Pink Print and I’m not gonna compare the 2 albums! You’re talking about charts? Lookin Ass was never released as a single so it’s normal that it’s not on the charts… Nicki has a lot of chart singles… Stop hating on the other female artist’s fans, you’re just stupid! Bezel was just expressing his disappointment about the features! He was not hating!


    DON Reply:

    @NewCLASSIC, Being that the Lookin Ass video was released to WSHH before VEVO and it wasn’t available for iTunes download till the other day it’s #11 on the Bubbling under chart. It’s also a Hip Hop record without a pop chorus like Fancy. Nicki is one of the most charted females in the history of the charts she’s unbothered. The big pop hooks she been there done that. And Lookin Ass goes on officially to radio on the 11th. You tried it tho.


    KenBarbUK Reply:


    But ‘Looking Ass’ isn’t a single tho. #TryAgain


    jpme Reply:

    @bezel, you have to also see that this album has been done for a few years when she was signed to Interscope so she didn’t really have the connections she has now.


  3. Roman

    What anticipation?

    It’s no shade but who’s anticipating this album?



    @Roman, THOSE SAME WHITE KIDS THAT BOUGHT NICKI MINAJ’S “SUPER BASS”. You’ll be surprised. She’s a pretty WHITE girl, with a fat ass and commercial appeal. If Nicki could do it, then there’s no telling what this girl is capable of.


    Andy Reply:

    @BEDSTUYFLY, but nobody is buying her sh!t, not even the white girls.


  4. maisondemara



  5. Jay

    omg yesssssssss cant wait to pre-order!!!!



    She don’t really have much BIG NAME ARTIST on her album besides T.I.

    She will probaby be able to sell around 10 or 15k to say the least.


    anna Reply:

    @TRUTH COMMISSION, good then she can say every copy she sold really was because of her music and not other artists being features in it


  7. Marv'IAm

    I can feel that slayage coming! :o #excited



    Her label wasted too much money on vids and not on features, sorry but she needed to pay Ross that 100k at least c’mon all washed up artists. Shell struggle for 30k first week


    anna Reply:

    @MMG-SUEDE, umm Katy Perry co-wrote the “Black Widow” track and she got Rita Ora to be featured instead because they’re friends. pretty sure Iggy was the one not wanting to have her debut album be overshadowed by big name collabs.


  9. jimscreechie

    Mavado?? Nice :-)


  10. Andy

    good luck Iggy


  11. K

    Mavado nice.


  12. EveRyder

    Can’t wait to purchase this album. I’m kinda sad she don’t have more well known feature artist,but like someone said this her debut and she don’t want them artist overshadowing her. Iggy is gonna slay nonetheless. Fancy is about to have a position on billboard hot 100 and I am proud of her. She is performing fancy on the woodie awards on mtv on the 16th and then she gonna perform it again on late night with seth myers the 17th. Werk iggy this is ur time to shine as another female rapper that’s a fake plastic clown.


  13. filomenagriffin

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  14. Robyn

    Can’t wait for this.


  15. Formerly From Tokyo

    I’ve been looking forward to this (even though this sound is more mainstream and I prefer her mixtape sound, but that’s to be expected), and for people who say that people don’t know her, just the other day my friend in Europe described her as “really famous” and he doesn’t even listen to her music. My friend in Japan knows her too (and likes her).

    If she’s going to succeed, she will in spite of people not wanting her to, just like every other person who has success. If that wasn’t the case, certain “artists” wouldn’t still be succeeding regardless of quality, etc. Not liking them won’t stop OTHERS from liking them. So, if she blows up, people will just have to deal. If she doesn’t but still puts out music, the people who already like her will be there to listen. A Kreyshawn (or whatever), she is not. I’m not someone easily fooled, so if she’s not legit (which some think on the basis of her being white alone), then she’s very good at pretending she is. As someone who is not a racist and not xenophobic, everyone has a chance, and for people who complain about other races “taking” black genres, some artists are fairly giving it away by not staying true to what it really is. Time marches on whether we want it to or not.

    Anyway, gonna pre-order this as soon as I get home today. :)


  16. Prome

    Iggy and Timbaland tho :o
    And due on my Birthday too.. Ooh


  17. Nicky

    Hmmm… Don’t know if i should say “Yasss” or “Nyay/Nah”. “Goddess” & “Bounce” disappointed me, i don’t like it. I have been listening to her music since 2011 though, i’m a stan since the beginning, but i still don’t know if i should download it, but if i download it, i’m sure i’ll delete “Goddess” & “Bounce”. “Fancy” is iconic & i love it, it’s her best single, & “Work” is great, but the song kinda got boring, i got tired of hearing it. “Change Your Life” was good too, but she should’ve promoted it more, it didn’t deserve to flop & i bought it on CD.

    Anyway, i wish she could do more songs like “Fancy”, “Work” + the songs from her first mixtape & her EP.

    P.S. I did not shade her, i just commented my thoughts & said what i should. I do not care if y’all agree or disagree with me, it’s MY opinion & not YOUR opinion. You don’t have to agree or disagree with me though, i am sorry if i made this comment too long. <3


  18. Nicky

    Lmfaooo y’all need to stop shadin’ & hatin’ Iggy, at least she announced her album’s release date & showed us the cover. Y’all know who i am shading in this comment, btw ;).


    murdadem Reply:

    @Nicky, yasssssssssssssssssssssssssss


  19. Javis

    YAY finally!


  20. bibi93

    Can’t wait!!


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