Frank Ocean Cuts $212,500 Check to Chipotle, Says ‘F*ck Off’

Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean is firing back at Chipotle. The “Thinkin Bout You” singer has issued a check and a snarky response to the Mexican fast-food chain following its lawsuit.

Last week, Ocean was sued by Chipotle for backing out of a deal to record a song for its ad campaign after taking payment.

Chipotle commissioned Ocean to record “Pure Imagination” for its “Scarecrow” marketing campaign to promote local and sustainably-sourced food.

He was paid $212,500 after signing onto the campaign in July 2013, with another $212,500 to be paid after he delivered the song. But on the day on the deadline, he withdrew from the campaign.

His lawyers claim that he was not initially made aware of the Chipotle branding that would be displayed in the ad, while the restaurant chain says they were upfront with him.

Chipotle sued Ocean for the $212,500 it paid him as well as additional damages to be determined at trial.

After the suit went public, Ocean reimbursed Chipotle for the original $212,500. On Monday, he posted a photo of the cashier’s check on his Tumblr page with a memo that read “Fuck Off.”

He also alluded to the legal battle by posting a link to the word “defamation” on Wikipedia.

Chipotle Check

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  1. Ty Ty

    they should have gotten LHHNY’s Erica Mena’s non-singing ass to do the track :P


    slyboi Reply:

    @Ty Ty, LMFAO


    Mandela Barb Reply:

    @Ty Ty, It was defamation, and yet he leaves the “fuck off” memo?


  2. Ro

    Ahahhaha Frank. You are something.


  3. though he changed

    isnt his name


    frank ocean


    TBear Reply:

    @though he changed, naw stage name


  4. Mao_the_cat



    gre Reply:

    @Mao_the_cat, Yall ever saw the movie Zoolander? to me frank is Derek, the critics are his fans and I’m Mugatu…. ” AM I TAKING CRAZY PILLS???” WTF IS THE “yasss” for? He just paid someone back for money that he took……… WTF



    Now I like Frank Ocean but how are you going to be mad at Chipotle when you took THEIR money and didn’t even follow through with what they PAID you to do? Like…what did you think was going to happen Frank?


    Luv It Frank O. Reply:

    @UR2FUNNY, Okay it’s done he did it, it’s paid off in full. No need to make this a big thing anymore. END


    UR2FUNNY Reply:

    @Luv It Frank O., Okay so i’m assuming you meant to direct that “No need to make this a big thing anymore” comment to Rap Up because i’m not the one who posted the story, they did. My thing was just that, it makes no sense to write “Fuck off” on a check to people that you fucked over. Like, why is he so mad? Chipotle are the only ones that should be mad but whatever


  6. tala

    Well done!
    I hope he doesn’t sell out like 99% of his contemporaries!


  7. Got Damn

    I love him, he dont give a fuck about what no one says or thinks, he just does him! My Man!!!


  8. Hilarybanxx

    400,000 TOTAL? I would’ve sung the hell out of that song.


  9. Luv It Frank O.

    LMFAO Damn Right A CHASE Cashier’s Check “Proof” No Courts or Judges’s involved. Fake ass wannabe mexican (Latin) Chipotle Mexican Grill food chain. And Steve Ells “CEO” FUCK OFF & Suck it


  10. MurderThis

    I guess he didn’t want to look like Mary J Blige in that CRISPY CHICKEN FRESH LETTUCE commercial. Shit I don’t blame him’


  11. sleep

    yas ma’am frank. I hate that overrated ass place anyway.


  12. John

    Frank Ocean is so lame. He doesn’t need to be talking trash because he doesn’t have any talent…especially not singing talent.


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