Future Reveals ‘Honest’ Release Date, Tracklisting

Honest (Deluxe)

The Astronaut Kid is ready for launch. After some delay, Future has revealed a release date and the tracklisting for his sophomore album Honest.

The follow-up to his 2012 debut Pluto will arrive on April 22.

“4-22-14,” tweeted Future. “Took my time to make a Stella album.”

Honest features production from Mike WiLL Made It, 808 Mafia, and Metro Boomin’, with appearances from André 3000, Drake, Kanye West, Wiz Khalifa, Pharrell, and Pusha T.

The deluxe edition contains six additional tracks including “Sh!t” and the Lil Wayne-assisted remix to “Karate Chop.”

“I just got in a great zone,” Future told ELLE. “I was able to capture the best moments. It helped me make a classic album. It’s just going to be very timeless.”

See the tracklisting below.

Honest Tracklisting

1. “Look Ahead”
2. “T-Shirt”
3. “Move That Dope” feat. Pharrell, Pusha T, and Casino
4. “My Momma” feat. Wiz Khalifa
5. “Honest”
6. “I Won” feat. Kanye West
7. “Never Satisfied” feat. Drake
8. “I Be U”
9. “Covered N Money”
10. “Special” feat. Young Scooter
11. “Benz Friendz (Whatchutola)” feat. André 3000
12. “Blood, Sweat, Tears”


13. “Big Rube Speaks”
14. “Side Effects”
15. “I’ll Be Yours”
16. “How Can I Not” feat. Young Scooter
17. “Sh!t”
18. “Karate Chop (Remix)” feat. Lil Wayne

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  1. julian

    i’ve been waiting on this!!

    Hope he delivers!


  2. thedon

    ”Classic album” LMAO!


  3. ♪►Muzzac◄♪

    I’m only here for this new Nicki verse.


  4. ♪►Muzzac◄♪

    Wow now they changed it?!?! NO NICKI?!?! IRRELEVANT ALBUM PEACE!!!!


  5. Where's Nick?

    I thought Nicki was posed to be on here???? No Ciara? This albums garbage now. #NotHereForIt


  6. freshed

    mayne! bout damn time. Im been checkin wiki since HONEST single was released for an official release date. No offense but I really aint SUPPORTing the singles though they dope af. Ima just BUY a few of the albums.


  7. Loren

    What happened to the song Real and True with Miley Cyrus?


    Tru Story Reply:

    @Loren, it flopped lol


    Nick Reply:

    @Tru Story, BIG TIME FLOP! It takes some doin for a song with miley in it with such an expensive video to flop as bad as it did! Also I was hoping MAISON MARGELLA wud make the album, that song bumps in the whip!


  8. Ricky

    no nicki or ciara?



  9. KillaHeart

    Wow…The fact that Ciara isn’t on there….just…no! lol


  10. Che

    The man has André 3k and Kanye on this album and y’all checking for Nicki Minaj and Ciara features? Weak. You can really tell what demographics Rap-up gets.


    what Reply:

    @Che, i was thinking this exact same thing


    lmaoAtHaters Reply:

    @Che, you never lied! The demo of this site is sad. Nicki is on a million songs who cares if she isnt on this album. Im here for Andre 3000!


    HOVorJefe Reply:

    @Che, EXACTLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMAO! Nicki is my FAV but STFU is Yeezus & 3 STACKS is on the damn album!! Smh people just dnt know music


    Andy Reply:

    @Che, is actually because Nicki make y’all speak. Kanye or Andre3k are not that relevant RIGHT NOW.


    Oh Reply:

    @Andy, Ur just mad that aint nobody checkin for Nicki . Nicki is too relevant herself, when’s the last time she’s been Top 10 on Billboard?


    str8facts Reply:

    @Che, You struck a nerve with @wait…lmao made it release it a book on rap up…@che you told the truth !”


  11. Mr. Fye

    3 Stacks? im down


  12. Dert Cheay

    This album is a potential modern classic!


  13. ArchBishopOprah

    Ummmmm where is Ciara?


  14. Wait.. lmao

    Once again, y’all read the comments, see Nicki Minaj name, and start trying to hate. NOBODY would be checking for Nicki Minaj on this album IF FUTURE HIMSELF wouldn’t have done like 4 interviews talking about putting her on the album. Praising her verse, etc. etc. All of a sudden, she’s not present. That’s fucked up.

    Of course people would check for Ciara. That’s his fianceé. And just because Kanye and Andre3k are on here doesn’t necessarily mean people don’t want to see Nicki, as well. Y’all say “Oh Kanye and Andre3k are on here, and y’all checking for Nicki,” as if she’s completely subpar compared to either of them. While I personally think both of them are better than her, she’s not FAR off from either of them. Not by a long shot. And on top of that, Kanye West sings HER praises. So let’s not. Let’s not. Why can’t people want to see all 4. Let’s be very serious, it would not have hurt his album at all to have Nicki or Ciara. After all, he paid for the feature. Y’all won’t let Nicki live for shit. The same niggas talking about “y’all checking for Nicki?” gonna be the SAME NIGGAS CHECKING FOR NICKI WHEN THIS 3RD ALBUM COME OUT.


    Oh Reply:

    @Wait.. lmao, nobody is checkin for her but her fans. Get that thru yall heads!! Take a step off of Twitter world and Rap-Up post and ask some REAL LIFE people have they heard any new Nicki songs? Go READ comments for WSHH and you will SEE NOBODY CARES about Nicki other than her 25 Barbz


  15. Wait.. lmao

    “The man has André 3k and Kanye on this album and y’all checking for Nicki Minaj and Ciara features” I’m confused, lmao. Once again, people see Nicki Minaj’s name, and hop to insult her.

    For one, Future is the one who did 4 interviews saying she was going to be on the album. He hyped people up to see her on it. And considering her recent verse-slaying spree, people want to see what’s next for her. That’s his doing. That’s why people checking for her.

    Also, saying stuff like that implies that she’s completely subpar compared to Andre3k and Kanye. While I think that both of them are better than her lyrically, I don’t think she’s far behind EITHER of them. And Kanye doesn’t either, as he has sang her praises on more than one occasion. So, let’s not. Let’s not.

    Why wouldn’t people check for Ciara? Is that not his fianceé? Was he not heavily involved with her album. People should expect the same.

    But, to return to “The man has André 3k and Kanye on this album and y’all checking for Nicki Minaj and Ciara features”.. it’s y’all that’s always hating and checking for Nicki Minaj. Y’all saw all these comments, and for some odd reason, Nicki Minaj name stood out to y’all. And it’s going to be y’all checking for her as soon as the tracklist drop for the third album. And it’s going to be y’all checking for her again when the album itself drop.


    KenBarbUK Reply:

    @Wait.. lmao,

    The novel wasn’t needed -__-


    Wait.. lmao Reply:

    @KenBarbUK, lmao it didn’t post the first time on my end.


  16. Javis

    Finally, i guess he ready now


  17. SOS

    tbh (pun intended), im not that mad that nicki isn’t on here. i’d be more mad if Kanye West wouldnt be here because they never worked together before. This tracklist works for Future. Im just bein Honest


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