Lil Boosie Holds #BoosieSpeaks Press Conference


Fresh out of prison, Lil Boosie is scheduled to announce his next moves at a press conference put on by Atlantic Records and Trill Entertainment in New Orleans today. The Baton Rouge rapper, who was serving time for a drug conviction, will answer questions and reveal his post-prison plans.

In the days following his release, Boosie has dropped a freestyle and the Webbie-assisted record “Wartime.” Over the weekend, his Atlantic family also hosted a dinner to welcome him home.

Watch the #BoosieSpeaks live stream below.

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    All this attention for Lil Boosie? Name 1 hit song off the top of your head… I’ll wait.
    I sure hope Remy gets all this promo when she’s released.


    Vincent Reply:

    @BEDSTUYFLY, wipe me down


    SHISHI32 Reply:

    @BEDSTUYFLY, but y you mad though boo???


    the_finesser Reply:

    @BEDSTUYFLY, zoom, wipe me down, independent


  2. B

    I could name a thousand and she not gne gt that much promo cause she ain’t shit!!!!!


  3. bonito

    Cartoon was my party song my good friend loved it also r.I.p dino

    Welcome home boosie ………

    touchdown to cause hell


  4. MilwaukeeDrea

    @bedstuyfly no u didn’t just compare boosie to Remy lmaoooo Thats like comparing PAC to papoose good day!!


  5. Tyrone Anderson

    This is as big as 2pac coming home.. Welcome home to the new king of the south… 1018 songs??? Lets get it BOOSIE


  6. Tyrone Anderson

    This is as big as 2pac coming home… Welcome home to the new kind of the south… True soulja… Boosie they aint fucking wit u like Adrian Peterson… Time for u to run thru da rap game…1018 songs??? Let’s get it


  7. savage

    Its goin down on youngest of the camp


  8. Nina Ross

    Remy??? Wtf she Not a factor!!! Lil Kim already made her take a seat! #FacesUp #BoosieHome


  9. Janny

    Touch down to cause hell, wipe me down ,we gonna show the world,a mind of a maniac, down town New Orleans


  10. Kay

    I apologize on behalf of the non-fly. That came from someone who doesn’t know real rap


  11. boosie fan 5150

    they finna fuck boosie over


  12. Kandie

    Who cares bout remy ma stfu dumbass


  13. ladypooh

    @bedstuyfly… you sure u wanna be a gangsta??? Boosie I’m thuggin aine bagging down from none I’m bout bussing!!! Weak ass


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