Drake Sings Rihanna’s ‘Stay’ in Belgium


From the club to the stage, Drake and Rihanna have been inseparable during their time in Europe. After bringing her out during his Paris show last month, Drizzy paid homage to his rumored girlfriend during his “Would You Like a Tour?” stop in Brussels, Belgium, on Monday. With RiRi in the audience, he put his spin on her hit “Stay” before segueing into his own song “Too Much.”

“Brussels, I want you to stay with me,” said Drake. “I put my hands in the air and say show me something good.”

Later that night, he and Rihanna were spotted partying together at Cirque le Soir nightclub in London.

When he returns to the U.S., Drake will host October Very Own’s first Houston Appreciation Week.

Watch him serenade the audience—and Rihanna—with his sweet song.

[Word On Road]

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  1. xoxo

    “Drake sings rihanna’s Stay in Belgium” NO HE DIDN’T…..he only sang 2 lines of the song!!


    Mandela Barb Reply:

    @xoxo, It was a stay adaptation you idiot. But I’ll let your imbecility slide on the account of this story being inappropriately labeled and the silliness within the actual story. “Brussels, I want you to stay”? what the fuck is that? We’re singing to locations now? He’s reaching . . far. Let’s place bets, how long will the false romance between Drake and Rihanna last? Oooh, let’s go further and bet on how they will implode. Go!


  2. selfie

    LOVE IT! these two are so cute


    faye Reply:

    @selfie, They would have the cutest baby of all time.


    tony Reply:

    @selfie, This fool gon B lookn so stupid when she uses him to get her and melissa a baby, that they wont let him come near. Then he’ll end up like chis brown, crazy as heck.


  3. DON P

    Drake be sanging! hope him and Rihanna do a joint album one day


    geano Reply:

    @DON P, He want to be Future when he grows up


  4. Alison

    The show was on Saturday guys ;-)


  5. Mao_the_cat

    he needs to finally admit that he’s gay


  6. Jade

    Such a tool.


  7. Formerly From Tokyo

    The look on his face in the picture, though. XD


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