Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne Gets Wacky in ‘Senile’ Video

Welcome to the wacky world of Lil Wayne. The rapper went in front of the lens to shoot a crazy video for the Young Money single “Senile” with Nicki Minaj and Tyga in L.A. on Tuesday.

Young Money president Mack Maine shared a couple photos from the strange set. It’s hard to tell exactly what is happening, but the concept is sure to be wild.

Weezy appears to be on a family vacation, sporting a colorful star-print shirt as he poses against a mountain backdrop alongside his adopted family, all decked out in yellow. The mother of the group rests her head on his shoulder, while he puts bunny ears on the girl next to him.

The Young Money compilation, Rise of an Empire, is expected to sell 30-35,000 copies in its first week, according to HITS Daily Double.

Check out another pic of Wayne and his new family below.

Lil Wayne

  • latonya

    I wanna see this one. Looks funny and wack. YM does wacky so great i know im gonna love it

  • Jay

    The Young Money 2 compilation is wack! By the way….. Crack Kills!

  • Africa

    Young Money president (Mack Maine) is a failure. How can you drop a fuck album like these, gathering all the scraps and calling it an album. It really shows that the label is divided if they couldn’t make songs together as a team. It really is a disappointment. is was supposed to be a launching pad for te other artist, but it just worse that the rich Gang album. They should have atleast let Dj Khaled manage the compilation cos he knows how to get ppl together. How hard could it be to get a beat and email it to artsts and get them to put a verse instead of this gabbage. Fuck Young Money. Fallen Empire. RIP


      @Africa, OMG @ THIS BEING TRUE. It doesn’t help that Birdman let everyone & their mom get into the crew and invests next to NO time in helping them. It’s like a Dead Empire because they’re only as good as they’re weakest link and there are so many weak unknown irrelevant artists in YM that even Drake & Nicki can’t save the name & credibility of the label. Hell it’s probably BECAUSE they let just anyone in that it’s difficult to do a compilation album. It’s rude of them to expect Nic or Drake to even WANT to do an album where brand new unknowns are on the album

  • thedon

    Rise of an empire was terrible…

  • K

    can’t wait to see it.

  • DON

    Rise of An Empire was sooo awful. That’s what happens when you just sign a bunch of weed head and alcoholic kids. The worst label in the music industry in my opinion. Wasn’t this supposed to be the launching pad for the next generation? God help us all. I’m glad Nicki and Drake are doing there own thing and putting together their own label and artist who actually have talent and drive for this music industry. They might as well leave YM.


      @DON, agreed. It’s sad to admit that they TRULY should leave when considering how when they first started YM, ALL THE BOSSES like Wayne, Birdman, Tez, EI, & Slim TRULY did HELP build Drake & Nicki. But what was nutritiousness to their career’s has now become poisonous. Drake wants to leave so bad lol. Nic is unfortunately fiercely loyal though & is turning a blind eye to the bull

  • YO

    YMCMB has fell off, Drake is the realist and talented one there.

  • cocaT

    Drake aint fuckin with these weirdos no more. they all talentless

  • DON

    Rap-up deleting my comments I see.

  • DON

    LMFAOOO at that Family tho

  • ronald dube

    fuck u all haterz lil wayne iz the best in the world so suck a dick for a real nigga, bunch of pussyies

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