Lil Wayne Wants $25 to $35 Million to Do Another Solo Album

Lil Wayne

Retirement is still in Lil Wayne’s future. The Young Money superstar has confirmed that Tha Carter V will be his final solo album.

In a 2012 interview, Wayne announced that he would retire after releasing the fifth installment in his Carter series. And the 31-year-old is keeping his word.

“I personally plan on this being my final solo album, yes,” he told MTV News while on set of the “Senile” video this week. “And it’s definitely the final Carter album. It’s the final Carter album. It’s stopping at five. I plan on it being my final solo album.”

So what would it take for him to return? “$25 to $35 million would get me to do another solo album after this. I didn’t smile when I said it,” said Wayne.

But he’s not hanging up the mic for good. You may hear him on compilations and joint albums in the future. “Whenever I have to pitch in for a Young Money album, Like Father, Like Son album, or something like that and maybe something out the blue,” he explained.

Drake previously announced a May 5 release date for Weezy’s final opus, but that may change, a source tells MTV News.

He promises to go out with a bang when Tha Carter V does drop. “The way I’m working on this album to me, it seems like it will be impossible for me to work this hard again for anything else,” he said.

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  1. T

    Did he fall and bump his head? The revenue from potential album wouldn’t even probably make it to 5 million!


    Mrunhateable Reply:

    @T, u basing ur hate off what exactly? None of his album titled “tha carter” have flopped. That’s his main body of work. The last 2 did a mil first week so try again.


    asdf3 Reply:

    I don’t think that was hate as much as it was a valid statement. Wayne might be worth a lot of money in terms of business ventures, but it wouldn’t make sense for any label to give him that amount for just an album.


    Mr Fye Reply:

    @asdf3, U hit it right on the head.


    lil weezy fan Reply:

    @asdf3, you have to watch come up dvd 2005 ,06 or 07
    where he talks how much money he gets for an album at that time it was $10 million its A fact go watch it
    IT was 8 YRS FROM NOW WHEN HE SAID THAT AND HE HAS DONE MILLI 2 TIMES so just think how much he gets now ,,


    lil weezy fan Reply:

    @asdf3, go and watch come up dvd part 17 where he talks abt how much money he gets for an album and in 06 it was $10 milli its a fact watch it ….
    and by then he has sold 1 milli 1st week 2 times so salary rises doesnt get less or the employee gets fired.. simple
    think how much he is getting to do carter 5


    Mandela Barb Reply:

    @T, That’s just disrespectful if Nicki isn’t on the next album when she allows him to kill the vibe in any song he features in on her projects. #nickiforcarterV


  2. Katy Perry

    You a lie! The Carter albums never flop!


  3. Trey

    Well Cash Money and his label have the money for it, so it’s possible he could get the money. Rappers almost never retire when they say they will.


  4. K

    that’s how it is,he doing is thing.


  5. TRP

    Half of that going to New New and Nivea anyway, so…..


    Ty Ty Reply:

    @TRP, nooooo,not New New #DEAD


  6. Beej

    I don’t understand how he can sit there with his head looking like an African jungle. He has his business, but now he needs to get that hair together. It looks like a bunch of monkeys have been playing in his head.


  7. Js

    Birdman is ready to buy his Album again. Everyone knows no one gives a shit about Lil Wayne’s Music.


  8. LOL

    Ya’ll think he wants to make another solo album? He just says this because he doesn’t want to

    It’s like you are afraid of a spider and you say “They have to pay me 1 million dollars to make me touch a spider..”

    Are you guys gonne react like “Did you just fell on your head? You will never get 1 million dollar just to touch a spider..”

    Damnnn -.-


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