Video: Jennifer Lopez f/ French Montana – ‘I Luh Ya Papi’

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez flips the script in the sizzling video for her new single “I Luh Ya Papi” featuring French Montana. After being pitched some lame treatments, the “American Idol” judge and her girlfriends dream up a concept where the men are the ones being objectified.

In the Jessy Terrero-directed clip, which was shot in Miami, she parades through a bedroom full of nearly-naked men and lounges on a yacht as her hunky male co-stars cater to her every need.

In addition to the eye candy, she also serves some fierce fashion, rocking reimagined styles of some of her most famous looks including her green Versace dress from the 2000 Grammys.

The Detail-produced song, which has also spawned a remix from Big Sean, will appear on her upcoming 10th album.

“My roots are hip-hop, my roots are R&B, my roots are pop, my roots are Latin,” J.Lo told Power 106. “All that always comes out in my records. I’ve always found that when I follow my own heart, that’s when my music is the best. This album is right back to that for me.”

Watch J.Lo turn the tables while paying homage to her past in the fun and flirty video.

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  1. Malika

    Okay, so she looks absolutely incredible, & I LOVE JLo.

    But I am not a fan of the video concept. It’s really cheesy. And the 2 girls next to her are so annoying.


  2. Usher

    Queen J. Lo did it again!


  3. Truth

    Wtf is this shit


  4. jon



  5. iamdexxx

    She was killing it


  6. California

    The song was cute but not first single worthy. The single doesn’t scream 10th album smash single and the video was extremely corny.


  7. pan86

    DAMN! She looks GORGEOUS, the video is sizzlin’ hot and the song is CATCHY! Urban-Lo is back! :)


  8. Hooks

    I luh this song. This is my Summer Jam 2014 and summer not even here yet.

    The video is cheesy TBH. Nothing bad on J.LO’s part, but I wish the director could’ve did a better job with this video. I like the mansion scenes (bedroom, pool, and outside), and the yacht scenes. The guys are relevant to the video. The extra scenes with the backlight didn’t fit well.

    I would’ve been BEST if French Montana shot scenes on the yacht with some female models and J.Lo herself.

    I hope to hear a remix of this song with T.I. I can see him and hear him on this track.





  10. freak

    It’s her usual target group:
    14 year old girls
    and scene gays!
    Oh wait …its one and the same group!
    Another hit!
    Well done JLO!


  11. Major Sushi



  12. keittmary

    my Aunty Kaitlyn recently got a fantastic blue Mercedes-Benz E-Class Sedan by work using a lap-top… Look At This W­ o­ r­ k­ s­ 7­ 7­ .­ C­ O­ M­


  13. J.Lo Fanatic

    OK, finally something to touch myself to! Thank you Jen and the song is GREAT! Love the beat, production is soooo on point!!!! <3


  14. Sarah

    I absolutely LOVE iT!!!!!! J LO looks stunning and the song actually grew on me


  15. karamelkisses

    as always w/ j-lo, a beautiful video but shitty lyrics and vocals. at your 10th album & 40+ years old, don’t you think the music should evolve into something more meaningful?


    Kilyan Reply:


    Amen to that !

    Why in the hell she sings such stupid songs ? She has absolutely no soul or maturity when it comes to music and I still don’t understand why she keeps releasing music.

    She is def gorgeous .. won’t take that away. But I think she is a kinda okay singer ( if I can call it like that ) when she’s on Darkchild prod.


    Major Sushi Reply:

    @Kilyan, Uhh.. yeah she does have maturity. She had that in the beginning of her music career. She’s done with that.


    Kilyan Reply:

    @Major Sushi,

    Thats what I’m saying. She used to be any type of good back in the 90′s when she was releasing Darchild prod.

    Her last very good effort was Rebirth and the best song had to be StepIntoMyWorld from Jerkins. That song is insane.

    From there , she just released crap.


  16. L-Kiz

    I think that 99% of the guys in this video are actually gays, why not… it’s a huge target for you JLo…. you’ll ba the new Gaga or Madonna with this one…


  17. lilk

    14yrs later and she still isnt singing…she is talking over the music…she still hasnt take voice lessons ?
    music is catchy though.
    depending on what mariah drops maybe this will be song of the summer.


  18. Rainman

    Wow! she looks amazing! love the turn around in the video… shes doing the Nae Nae… damm at 44 years old.. Queen JLo!


  19. bibi93

    Beautiful JLo


  20. carla

    putos .l.


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