Behind the Video: Rita Ora – ‘I Will Never Let You Down’

I Will Never Let You Down

Rita Ora is back and ready to share her happiness with the world. The 23-year-old singer has unveiled the red-hot cover art for “I Will Never Let You Down,” the first single off her upcoming sophomore album.

Earlier this month, the blonde bombshell shot the video with director Francesco Carrozzini (Beyoncé’s “Jealous”) in L.A. The fashionista was all smiles as she went in front of the lens, modeling a green python dress, ruffly red top, and Chanel earrings and gloves. In one scene, she electrified in pink as she walked through red paint in her sneakers.

The uplifting love song, produced by her boyfriend Calvin Harris, reflects her current mood.

“I think this is the perfect song to launch my new album because I want it to be as personal and honest as possible and I’m happy right now,” said Rita. “I’m in a very good place. I really wanted people to just see how I felt and how I want other people to feel when they listen to my music, happy.”

Watch Rita spread some sunshine on set.

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  1. I forgot my name

    Interesting………Not gonna say she’s copying Rihanna but………how you being honest without a high public celebrity profile……..

    Anyways, I hope she sells in the US.


  2. OnlyChrisJ

    I Thought She Was Ciara In That Picture Lol Sorry Rita


  3. beyonce knowles



  4. Trillafood

    No one could say she copied rihanna. Rihanna actually copied her style and got famous for it. U can’t expect much from a talentless unoriginal toad.


    tell'em Reply:

    @Trillafood, how in the world did Rihanna copy her when Rihanna was already a known and successful and known artist before anyone even uttered this broads name? Not only that, Rihanna worked with Calvin Harris (Rita’s current BF) before Rita even met him. Stop hating..

    Maybe they tried to fashion Rihanna after Beyonce when she debuted at 15/16 years old, but you’d have to be a fool to believe she’s checking anyone now with all of her success, especially not a minor star in the UK.


    somebody Reply:

    @tell’em, look it up! Rita has that style after she was as a UK known singer ;) But Rihanna is a major popstar, so everybody thinks that Rita copied Rihanna. Rita copies Rihanna and Rihanna copies Rita, because both copies the runway street fashion. Like Beyoncé and a lot of urban singers…


    freak Reply:

    @Trillafood, Rihanna fans don’t even know Neneh Cherry or Jody Watley ! Cause they were born in the Mid or late 90ies! LMAO
    That makes it easier for Rihanna to copy them!
    Why would you even discuss this on a public blog with a Rihanna fan…LMAO


  5. Mao_the_cat

    Same hairstyle as Beyonce, interesting


    fd Reply:

    @Mao_the_cat, she been had her hair cut like that for years…she just wears hair extensions most of the time.


  6. tell'em

    “Rihanna’s under study..”- Azealia Banks

    Nah, but seriously. I wish her luck this go around. Her debut was weak minus like 3 songs (I love “Hello Hi Goodbye). They need to find records that suit her soulful voice.


  7. Ice

    She’s so freaking cute.


  8. Fashionfix

    you mean same hairstyle as CIARA?? The one everyone has been jacking lol including “king bey”?? lol


  9. brackettaaron

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  10. Regina

    Love her, and this song might be her smash hit to make her a superstar. I’m rooting for talented singer like her and jojo.


  11. chris_shorts

    it kills me how everyone like she isnt a superstar do u know how big this chick really is especially in Europe she never released in america and she didnt have to she big big big over seas please jay z knows exctly what hes doing


  12. Jules

    I hope it’s a smash. This girl can actually sing, unlike the “singers” people think she copies.


  13. ms poetic

    you right how did she copy rhianna non talentless ass and a big slut I mean rita ora got so much talent and yes she is a big star overseas jay z show do know what he’s doing watch she gonna be the one to go past rhianna success watch.


  14. Sort it out

    “first single off her”
    Even if you meant to spell it this way, it’s grammatically invalid. Either close down this website with the last of your dignity or correct your mistake.
    Does no one check your posts before they’re posted…?


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