Lady Gaga Performs with Twista, Gets Puked On at SXSW

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga pulled out all the stops during her South by Southwest debut, performing for more than 2,000 of her Little Monsters on the Doritos #BoldStage on Thursday at Stubb’s BBQ in Austin, Texas.

In anticipation of her upcoming “artRAVE: The ARTPOP Ball” tour, the pop provocateur performed a dramatic hour-long set consisting of material off her latest album ARTPOP including “Aura,” “Dope,” and “Do What U Want.”

During her strange and bizarre performance of “Swine,” Gaga invited “vomit painter” Millie Brown onstage. After downing some barbecued sausages earlier in the show, Brown consumed a full bottle of bright green liquid before forcing herself to vomit on Gaga as she played drums.

The singer then climbed atop a mechanical pig, playing the keyboard as she straddled Brown, who painted Gaga with black liquid.

“Fuck you pop music. This is ARTPOP. Free yourself!” commanded Gaga.

She also brought out Twista to perform their collaboration “Jewels N’ Drugs” during which she poured cans of beer on herself and the audience.

The concert, which benefited her Born This Way Foundation, will be rebroadcast on March 29 at 10 p.m. EST on Fuse.

Watch Gaga bring her “artRAVE” to SXSW.


“Jewels N’ Drugs”

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  1. KenBarbUK

    Smh…white people


    from france Reply:

    @KenBarbUK, black men beat their wives and their black wives stay…



    lol Reply:

    @from france, i think you’re confusing us with rednecks

    white people


    UrNotAmerican Reply:

    @from france, Um last time I checked domestic violence occurs in every race! Please get off our North American sites and stop acting like your an expert of our Culture. Why don’t you drink some wine and eat some cheese you stupid frog!


  2. Realest

    Ewwww she’s so desperately weird, it’s pathetic.


  3. Paradise

    Finally she is back to being herself & not trying fit in with the rest of these basic bitches, do u baby girl. Real recognize real


    Got Damn Reply:

    @Paradise, so…….when did vomiting on someone classify as “real”? I’ll wait…. #desperate #artflop


  4. Nah

    I like Gaga and her musics but meh, the antics are getting old. I wonder how much $ the chick got to vomit


  5. julian

    Why man?
    Chick has talent and have to do stunts like this?


  6. 2bad2bme

    the struggle


  7. Andy

    lol i weird world


  8. DON

    R.I.P Lady Gaga career 2008-2012.


  9. Ty Ty

    ‘vomit painter’? am done with this foolishness!


    ... Reply:

    @Ty Ty, aaah cici i found yo ass



    YES GaGa. Welcome back mama… THIS MUCH MORE excited for Roseland next month.


  11. muzikxxx

    lol #thestruggle for attention


  12. Formerly From Tokyo

    “Desperate” and “sad” are two words that jump to mind. Fade out, Gaga, because you’re clearly content to waste your talent or let it get buried under stunts.


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