New Music: Jhené Aiko – ‘My Afternoon Dream’

Jhené Aiko

In honor of her 26th birthday, Jhené Aiko gifts her fans with a new song entitled “My Afternoon Dream.” The R&B songstress applies her gentle touch to the soothing lullaby, produced by Key Wayne.

“Don’t wake me up ’cause I’m in love with all that you are / You make me see the truth in things, I think that you are / The remedy for everything it seems that you are,” she coos.

She has also debuted an accompanying video, which she and her friend shot during their trip to Maui and edited themselves using iMovie.

Listen to Jhené’s blissful track below.

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  1. bm.kk

    she is cute but something is missing.. not sure what.


    mal Reply:

    @bm.kk, i agree. she’s an artist that will always just about surface, then disappears again :-/


  2. JJ

    she does no wrong


  3. bulletooth

    Sounds like a collaboration will add the finishing touches to this.


    Got Damn Reply:

    @bulletooth, not everything needs a rap verse…


    Deejay Reply:

    @Got Damn, Thank You !!! Damn.


    bulletooth Reply:

    @Got Damn,

    A collaboration, as in working with another artist not working with yet another rapper.


  4. Lizeth

    Amazing talent. LOVE


  5. M*

    THis makes me smile. Jhene is so sweet. Love that she shares her true feelings and beautiful family in her music. Rooting for her!



    My FAVORITE new artist


  7. Mao_the_cat

    soooo nice! her voice is pretty


  8. nook

    jhene jhene jhene. everything she puts out is different and the lyrics are everything. sometimes we need to just sit bac and appreciate real music cause this and sail out ep are coming from her heart. shes not running to be num 1, she just living out her dreams. Im a true fan of hers.


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