Chris Brown Ordered to Remain in Jail

Chris Brown

Chris Brown will stay in jail until April 23 after a judge shut down his lawyer’s request for release.

The 24-year-old singer was arrested on Friday after getting kicked out of a Malibu rehab facility where he was being treated for anger management. Superior Court Judge James R. Brandlin had ordered him to stay in rehab while he decided whether Brown violated his probation in the Rihanna assault case.

On Monday, Brown appeared in a Los Angeles courtroom in an orange jumpsuit alongside his attorney Mark Geragos.

The judge said Brown had an “inability to stay out of trouble” and was especially troubled at a statement Brown made at rehab, where he reportedly said, “I am good at using guns and knives.”

Brandlin wants him to remain in jail until a D.C. jury decides if he committed criminal assault in his D.C. case, which goes to trial on April 17.

The L.A. judge will hold a probation violation hearing on April 23. If Brown is convicted in D.C., he could potentially be sentenced to four years in prison for violating probation in the Rihanna case.

According to TMZ, Brown was kicked out of rehab after he violated a rule to stay at least two feet away from women in the facility. He also initially refused a drug test, later agreeing to submit to one, and made disparaging comments about rehab during a group session.

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  1. dr19

    Wow Chris we love you but your really letting us down… Of course where not going no where but this is kinda getting old.


    kingmakers Reply:

    @dr19, From Sen.Rand Paul to DOJ head Eric Holder, we all acknowledge that the Law is dis-proportionally hostile against Blacks in America. As a matter of FACT, this has been underscored time & time again in the case of George Zimmerman who shot & kill an un-armed little boy yet acquitted by the same USA Laws which has held Chris Brown for SIX years in limbo for the single incident involving his then girl friend Rihanna whose career has been pivoted to un-imaginable heights as a result of the incident & has since dated & become very good friends.

    At the end of the day all Black people want isn’t pity or hand outs but equal treatment under the Law & a total abolition of all forms of discrimination. However “A tale of 2 cities” according to the recently elected New York Mayor Bill De’Blasio is apt in the case of Chris Brown because NO white man/woman has been to prison for the reasons Chris Brown is now. I have long advocated for constructive feminism & against destructive witch-hunting but Chris Brown’s predicament goes beyond the realm of feminism but back at the ugly doorstep of Racism.


    Wp Reply:

    @kingmakers, there are plenty of cases the same as this women beaters charges. I met a few white man that are serving 10+years for hitting a woman. Get your racism out of here this isn’t the slave days anymore.


  2. Jstamir



  3. jeremydante

    damn. hope chris can get back on track.


  4. Vance

    He’ll never learn. People like this are beyond help.


  5. lance

    Its sad seeing him in that orange jumpsuit, its just getting worse and worse for this guy


  6. sicksadworld

    This is heartbreaking


  7. Terri

    Rihanna got out the scene at a good time


    11 Reply:

    @Terri, yes!


    meme Reply:

    @Terri, thank god. she dont need this. The sad thing is she’s probably somewhere cryin her eyes out cuz she love the dude. but like someone said ppl like dont learn and cant be help. Hopefully jail shakes him up.

    p.s im very happy that judges are tightening up on these celebs. they act like they can do whatever and get away with it.


    jumiya Reply:

    @meme, hey


  8. #RihannaNAVi

    I don’t know anymore. Maybe getting his a$$ penetrated by prisoners is the way to help him.


  9. Lionheart

    well…. at least he’ll be out before “X” drops…


    Deejay Reply:

    @Lionheart, Actually if he’s found guilty in April, which most likely he is, he will stay in jail.


    weeeeeell Reply:

    @Lionheart, his behind is marked as “X” from the prisoners. better not drop that soap.


  10. thedon

    This dude fell off hard


  11. Boom Boom

    about time


  12. dodo



  13. s

    bye felicia!
    Finally some peace and quiet without hearing what this fool is doing.
    No one cares anymoreeeee


  14. Sad

    Wow so much hate in these comments smh.

    Keep your head up Chris, whatever happens your real fans will still be here waiting for you. Xo


    RP Reply:

    @Sad, I second this!! Selfishly, I really hope this doesn’t end up delaying X, even I know it’s sort of inevitable… But selflessly, I’m praying, Chris, you get back on your A-game, which we all know you’ve got.


    Triniti Reply:

    @Sad, So much hate from Chris Brown himself. Idiot.


    Officer Mehoff, Jack Reply:

    @Sad, “so much hate in these comments smh” – yes, it’s just soooo crazy that people are “hating” on a guy that has been such a model citizen, whether it’s beating up his girlfriend, smashing a window with a chair on “Good Morning America,” getting charged with felony assault in DC for physical altercation & most recently making comments in rehab about ‘being good with guns & knives’. With all the good behavior he’s displayed it’s a real shame he’s getting such a bad rap…

    You can think he’s a talented musician, but I challenge you to make the argument that he doesn’t deserve to be in jail. The guy is a terrible human being, and frankly it’s pathetic you’d try to argue otherwise.


    Miss Juicy Duhh Reply:

    @Officer Mehoff, Jack, so quick to judge what about your life that’s so perfect…..


    Sad / cb4life Reply:

    @Officer Mehoff, Jack. Oh stfu. I am be on sick of people judging him. People go thru the same bad choices he does ever day! The only reason his getting all this hate is because he’s young black and famous. as for jail time. Fuck jail. He is not a murderer!! If rihanna was really hurt like everyone thinks she is/was. Why did she try so hard to break up his relationship with a good girl right in a time when he was just getting his life back. That hoe is everywhere showing off her body. She is not damaged is any way. If she really loved him she would be helping him like “friends” should. And as for that comment he so called made it was most likely taking out of context. So fuck all you haters I will continue to see the good in him.


    DhapperRhapper Reply:

    @Sad / cb4life,
    Could y’all admit that Chris is not the only black, young and making it. However he’s the only young, black, making it and always in a brush with the law. You beat up a girl so gruesomely; trust me folks are always going to hold it against especially if they happened to admire you so much.
    I’m all about his music. But dude’s gotta get it that forgiveness is not something you demand, you earn and you give people the opportunity to give you that.
    A little humility in his case can help him so much.
    But hey, there’s this excuse he has:he’s young, making it, hot headed and fuck everybody he couldn’t care less.

    Now his careless is in jail.
    He isn’t totally innocent out there


    Cb4life Reply:

    @DhapperRhapper, that has nothing to do with what I said :/ I know that there are alot more young black talented men out there. That’s not my point. My point is that people like to put celebrity’s on a pedestal. I’m saying his human just like the rest of us and it’s hard to omit your wrong let alone to the person you did wrong but for some reason the whole world feels they need an apologize too. For something that happened 6 years ago. I just wish people would stop condemning him to hell and just let him work his shit out without all the hate and negativity. You can have an opinion yes but people are making it a joke and acting like they’ve don’t nothing wrong them selfs so they think it’s okay to say things like “die already” “rot in jail” It’s just sad. God said love your enemy and pray for those who persecute you. So once again I will continue to see the good in him (:


  15. Miss Juicy Duhh

    Man I personally feels sorry for Chris Brown I love his music I dont care about his personal life I just want him to be able to keep producing get music to us.


  16. Nelz

    Fuck the media. I dont trust them. They got the power to change truth to lies and lies to the truth. God help you chris if they’re fixing you up in this shit.


    :o Reply:

    @Nelz, #FreeBreezy :(


  17. January

    Justin Beiber, YOU NEXT!


  18. rav4

    This is very sad they’re treating him as if he murdered somebody these people been trying to put him in jail over that rihanna case for a long time and they finally got him….keep your head up Chris.


  19. jumiya

    I love chis


  20. read this article

    read this article || Chris Brown Ordered to Remain in Jail

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