Ashanti Performs ‘Foolish,’ Covers Chaka Khan’s ‘Sweet Thing’


Ashanti served up something old and something new during her performance for The Boombox’s “Off the Record” series. The R&B diva dipped into her catalog with her 2002 debut single “Foolish,” and brought it back to 2014 with her Rick Ross-assisted banger “I Got It” and “Scars” off her latest album Braveheart.

“Sometimes I listen to my first album and I be like, ‘Damn, that was crazy. I said that?’” laughed Ashanti while reminiscing about her past.

She also covered Chaka Khan’s ’70s classic “Sweet Thing,” which is the song that got Ashanti her record deal.

Her rendition received the stamp of approval from the legendary singer herself. “I am so BLESSED 2 have your beautiful talent paying a tribute 2 me! What a great birthday gift! Much love!!” tweeted Khan, who turns 61 later this month.

Catch Ashanti’s soulful set below.

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    HOT! HOT! HOT! she definitely is an artistic musician.


  2. angel

    Shes so fucking perfect


  3. Shay

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!


  4. No angel

    She did that! Proud of her #BRAVEHEART in store now , shit is fire


  5. ^.^

    Can i be that stool tho?


  6. Klau

    take your bikini top off
    I see no swimming pool!
    take a pen
    have a seat
    listen to Mary J Blige’s rendition from what’s the 411
    and take notes


    braveheart Reply:

    @Klau, get ovr it. chaka didn’t even compliment Mary’s version like this and she actually called Mary’s version flat. ashanti slayed your life and you have no grounds to say anything.


  7. Iyt

    That was the worst version of Sweet Thing I’ve ever heard!!!! Musically & Vocally, where’s the guitar? Thumbs down. She still sing worth a penny.
    Pretty girl though.


    Kyle Reply:

    @Iyt, What? Clearly you’re hating…I’m not the biggest fan of Ashanti but O can give credit when due…And that girl did that!..Her version was better than MJB’s Ashanti is very very very talented…I think she’s grown and now knows how to use her craft the correct way instead of yelling and straining to hit notes…she a vocalist now…in her own right…7.5 out of 10…she’s better vocally than majority of girls out now..give the girl her credit and stop tryna tear her down…As big of a Bey fan I am..I hate to see the Ashanti shade with as much hard work she puts in..and All the downfalls in her career…she deserves to be back on top again (Along side with Queen Bey of course) just stop the hate and give the credit Due .If now why comment on something you dont like or click on her post if you “knew” shed sound a mess?!


    Iyt Reply:


    Ashanti is cool. I was a little harsh in the moment typing that. Its just at the beginning of the video, she was boasting about her proving something, to me this only proved that this particular song wasn’t a good performance vocally or musically, as a musician, it was weak in my opinion, one of the important parts of the song is the guitar/guitar riff. This is an open board, I can speak my opinion and I am not hating on her, just because I don’t like the performance. Lastly, I never said I “knew” she’d sound a mess. Anyway. I wish her all the success and blessings.
    Success and blessings to you as well.


  8. EdgarC

    Ashanti covered a Chaka Khan song and got praise from the iconic Chaka Khan. (Yet, it’s the bums who still hate)

    #Love #SweetThing ❤️


    Dave Reply:

    @EdgarC, EXACTLY! The lessor will always hate, no biggie tho :)


  9. manny

    WOW, sounded so amazing in all these little clips! big ups to Ashanti!


  10. Toncho Chong



  11. jewel

    LOVE the live band performances! Ashanti did amazing. her Chaka Khan cover of Sweet Thing was great. i remember on Ashanti’s vh1 driven they showed a clip of her singing that song when she was a teen. amazed at how Ashanti’s vocals has grown. much more stronger. She has a very beautiful, soft, & angelic voice reaching them high notes. go Ashanti!


  12. Jingo feared

    Killed Rihanna
    Killed Katy perry
    Miley Cyrus
    This woman does not get enough credit!!


    base Reply:

    @Jingo feared, yassssssss!!!! Amen!


  13. Teknique74

    Ashanti Fuckin SLAYED. I loved it..


  14. payrate

    She killed it!


  15. payrate

    I like her a lot. She’s different! ABSOLUTELY NOT A WANNA BE!!


  16. George

    She Ate Those Performances!!!
    #HandsDown #NoNeedToExplain


  17. Oh

    Shanti actually sounded good because the last time I saw perform was on 106 and it was very lackluster, but this was good!


  18. CHEAAAA!!

    WTF! Why does this woman have so many haters? lol Ashanti is so perfect in so many way. Perhaps that’s why. lol She’s beautiful and the girl can sing! I preordered Braveheart on iTunes and bought a copy from Target. Money well spent because Ashanti went all out with this album. Done independently and done so fu**king good. Stop hating already… Just because you stan for one artist does not mean you can’t like another. Some of y’all be on some bulls**t. Do your thing Ashanti! Braveheart rocks and you deserve so much more credit! Anyway listen to Runaway, Count, Early in the Morning, 3 Words, Lovegames, Scars, First Real Love, I Got It, and RIP are the standout tracks.


    Diego Reply:

    @CHEAAAA!!, perfect lmao vocally she has always been weak


    CHEAAAA!! Reply:

    @Diego, The fact that she’s never had the strongest voice doesn’t underestimate the fact that she can sing. There are a lot of artist out there who really sound bad but they just get a good song and some autotune and they have a hit. Ashanti is a real artist. She writes her own songs and she actually can sing. We should appreciate artist like her instead of these wack @$$ artist on the radio feeding us those fast food tracks. Anyway… there’s always a hater. SMH


  19. Mc

    She’s such a humble artist!!! :) if other artist would start having her on features, she would blow up again.


  20. Diego

    worst rendition of sweet thing she sounds 12 years old shaky vocals off pitch horrible


    Free Spirit Reply:

    @Diego, You Couldn’t Sing Half Of The Notes She Hit In This Song and The Legendary and Iconic Miss Chaka Khan Didn’t Think So!!! Take Your Lame Hating Azz Somewhere Else!!!


  21. Free Spirit

    Shany Slayed!!! “Foolish”… SLAYED!!!… “I Got It”… SLAYED!!! “Sweet Thing (Chaka Khan Cover)… SLAYED!!! and “Scars”… SLLAAAYYYYEEEEEEDDDDDDD!!! Ashanti Has Grown Vocally and It’s Showing… “Scars” Must Become A Single With A Dope Azz Video Like: “Rain On Me”… CLASSIC!!! and “The Way I Love You”… CLASSIC!!! #Braveheart On iTunes and In Stores NOW!!!


  22. Ashley

    You have to give credit when credit it due… Ashanti has grown so much vocally! She has a very soft, and sweet voice!

    Also, this is a tribute people… Meaning it’s her way of paying homage to Chaka Khan. A tribute isn’t suppose to sound like the original artist, that’s why it’s called a “cover”.



  23. sweetjasmine

    super love these live band performances. her voice sounds wonderful! i remember Ashanti singing sweet thing on her mtv diary. :)


  24. mon88

    ashanti go hard in the paint


  25. coolness

    Go Ashanti! I’ve never been that much of a fan but I give credit where it’s due because this girl has grown so much as a singer. Her performances when she was younger were a lot weaker compared to what I’ve seen here. I pre-ordered her album on iTunes and while I’m not completely sold on it yet, I commend her for maintaining artistic credibility and doing her thing without a major label backing. It’s sad that people today have this warped view of what a talented artist is. Just because someone doesn’t have a big voice, isn’t selling busloads of albums and is shoved down everyone’s throats doesn’t mean they are trash. Ashanti writes her music, works hard and can sing well enough for what she was blessed with. As for her cover of Chaka’s Sweet Thing, well, I’m from a different generation so I don’t know the song (I will proceed to Spotify to check it out now, lol)she got praise from the legendary singer herself for her rendition. Take note of that before you try to diminish her talent.


  26. Musicjunkiee

    I love this girl ‘ talented . Say what u want ‘ nobody should ever say anything about her vocals when this is the era of trashy pop bitches who cant hold a single note * Rihanna * but this girl is good no matter what ‘ y’all better google ashanti & see how many records she broke ‘ that y’all faves still havent & she broke that in 03 ‘ 04 ? Lol stop the hate give credit where its due


  27. Draejerome

    That scars song is my jam right now… And omg brave heart took me a spin but I love not


  28. jlo35

    She did that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOve my girl Ashanti!!!!!!!!!!


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