Keyshia Cole Talks Beyoncé, Divorce Rumors, & Family ‘Chaos’ on ‘The Breakfast Club’

Keyshia Cole x The Breakfast Club

Fresh off the release of her new single “Rick James” featuring Juicy J, Keyshia Cole stopped by Power 105.1′s “The Breakfast Club.” The Oakland songstress kept it real during the 30-minute interview, addressing her controversial comments about Beyoncé and Michelle Williams, divorce rumors, the “chaos” in her family, and her new album, which may inspire some women to “bust a few windows.”

Last year, Keyshia came under fire for blasting Beyoncé after the release of “Bow Down.” But she insists she wasn’t hating and was just taken aback by the nature of the song.

“She’s always a very sweet girl. To me, that just wasn’t her thing,” she said.

She also criticized Michelle Williams’ Super Bowl performance, but Keyshia says that the Destiny’s Child diva started it first by sending out a tweet about Keyshia using Auto-Tune during her Soul Train Awards performance. She claims that Michelle later called to apologize.

She was less candid about rumors that she and her husband Daniel “Boobie” Gibson are headed for divorce (“We co-parent”), but did acknowledge the cheating rumors.

When they got together, she believed that he could remain faithful. “We just had so much of a great relationship, I felt that it would be possible,” she said.

But she won’t let her problems get in between Boobie and his son. “No matter how much I dislike this man, it’ll never be to a point where he can’t see his son, period.”

She even took a shot at The-Dream, calling him the “Hamburglar.” In a preview interview with “The Breakfast Club,” The-Dream said that he wouldn’t work with Keyshia because of the comments she made about Beyoncé.

Her sixth album will be out in August (“Before September for sure”) and it will be her last album for Interscope. She has been speaking with Cash Money boss Birdman about her next moves.

Plus, find out why she doesn’t want her four-year-old son DJ around her family.

On Beyoncé: “I was not hating on Beyoncé. It was not directed at all as hate. I love Beyoncé. I’ve seen Beyoncé a few times. She’s always a very sweet girl. To me, that just wasn’t her thing. Like dude said, she switched it up or something. But that’s just not what I know of her, so it kinda hurt my feelings.”

On Michelle Williams: “She started that, and it really hurt my feelings too ’cause she’s Christian and she’s the church girl and all of this, but yet we talk on the phone, you say you apologized for taking the tweet down that you said about me in the first place. I just felt like everybody just jumped on me ’cause I’m from Oakland, I’m the ghetto chick and I’m always starting everything, when the actuality, I just say how I feel. I don’t feel like I was starting nothing with her. I was just getting her back for what she said to me.”

On divorce rumors: “I don’t even really know what I wanna do right now. I don’t wanna talk about it. I don’t even want to go into it.”

On her relationship with Boobie: “We co-parent. He’s a great father though. [He takes] DJ to school every morning and I pick him up. We good.”

On dealing with her anger: “I’ve grown a lot. I’m 30 years old. Ain’t the same way I used to do and take my anger out and just go ahead and approach you and do something about it. That ain’t the way I do it no more. I’m a mother and whatever I do from here on out, I want my son to be proud of.”

On her family: “It’s just chaos and I don’t want that around [my son]. I gotta protect him from that kinda chaos.”

On her mother Frankie: “I haven’t even spoken to my mom in a minute. They don’t have my number. It’s a respect thing.”

On her plans after this album: “I was speaking to Baby from Cash Money about a couple things, but I don’t know what’s gonna happen with that.”

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  1. Talent

    I love Keyshia and her honesty! Looking forward to this album!


  2. karamelkisses

    and i stand by my original statement, bow down was directed to ALL of beyonce’s haters. instead of her clapping back on social media like these birds, she poured her fustration into her art. keyshia clapped back which means she has hated somewhere along the line. you don’t have such a viseral reaction to something unless you feel like it’s being aimed directly at/to you. she thought she would get a reaction but sweetie dogs howl at the moon, the moon NEVER howls back. #byefelicia


    10078 Reply:


    Completely agree, she been a hater… Keyshia don’t know Bey to say any of that sh*t tbh (even her artistry) – We don’t even know Bey and thats what I love, she keeps us wanting more!


    Mandela Barb Reply:

    @karamelkisses, LOL, take these hoes to class Karamel.


    JD Reply:

    @karamelkisses, I completely agree. When Bow Down dropped it was obviously aimed at Bey’s detractors & her haters. For Keysh to come at her was out of turn, she probably feels the sane way about her haters as Bey (if not to greater extremities) & the same way about empowering women (not that that she’s ever displayed those feelings). She was clearly trying to claw at Beyoncé so she can’t moan that people came at her for it.

    I used to like her & think she kept it real but rather than either standing by her opinion or apologising she gave a media trained BS answer.


    No angel Reply:

    @karamelkisses, well spoken!


  3. Cammie

    Keyshia looks amazing! This is THE best she’s ever looked IMO. Her look is so natural and organic.


  4. Asia

    Why the hell does keyshia cole always feel the need to comment on Beyoncé. Beyonce’s career or choices has nothing to do with that fish plate selling ho. Oh yeah and forgot about the perm that ho sells too. Beyoncé sells out arenas and keyshia cole sells out nothing and never has.


  5. Oh

    Keyshia…Beyoncé does not even know about this so-called “feud” lmao! Please girl! For the last time, Bow Down was to all the mfs saying Beyoncé didn’t have her baby, Beyoncé is washed up, Beyoncé needs to retire…blah blah blah, so stop taking stuff to heart Keyshia! Nine times out of ten, Bey probably doesn’t know you personally, so why feel so offended? I tell you what I’m offended by…that bullshitting as track Rick James, lmmfao!


  6. Antonio

    Clearly, none of you watched the interview or y’all would’ve heard the full statement she said. She said Beyoncé is not the type of the artist who needs to release a song like Bow Down to gain attention.
    P.S. Keyshia Cole was also performing alongside Beyoncé during the Just Stand Up concert and gave her a standing ovation during her Trust performance at the 2009 BET Awards. Last time, I checked, Keyshia Cole has 3 platinum albums, 10 Top 40 singles on the Billboard Hot 100, so she’s done something right in the industry…


    Oh Reply:

    @Antonio, bitch we watched and it was about what she initially said! So STFU!


    Oh Reply:

    @Antonio, and furthermore who the fcuk is she to tell Beyoncé what kind of tracks she should or should be making? That’s the point!


    Antonio Reply:

    @Oh, clearly you didn’t watch it because not once did she say Beyoncé couldn’t make the song, she said Beyoncé did NOT need to make the song… Which she did not need to. Beyoncé is the biggest artist in the world right now aside from Adele, as you see she dropped an album and it sold nearly 850k WW w/o any prior notice, Keyshia’s highest first wk sales are 320k which are slightly above Beyoncé’s lowest, therefore, low success for Beyoncé is huge success for Keyshia, hence Beyoncé not needing to make songs like Bow Down to gain attention


    Kris Davis Reply:

    @Antonio, True but no shade to keyshia but I think beyonce was cheering for Monica !!! Lol


  7. angel

    What’s funny is she got hurt feelings over a song??? Theres NO FRIENDS in the industry why you mad. What’s even funnier is Beyonce don’t even write her shit. Jay z probably told her to do that.


  8. Pusha F

    You Can feel from her voice that she is hurt real bad, i never felt bad a Musicain bitch in this industry, but man i feel bad and soft for her!


  9. freshed

    ay she changed my perception for damn sure. i must say this. i mentioned before that she give off “keri hilson” vibe and i think she saw that cause charlamagne mentioned that her ciara and keri are all in the same category. Thats not what i meant tho. i was insinuating that she had negative vibes to her (keyshia) but she changed that. No offence i dont care how good you look if you rotten on the inside, you cant honestly wear make up and think everything ok. but forgiven tho. back at one. i used to hold shit against her from what i heard her say bout my baby mya on a radio interview from 2006 thats when i was like man smash ol girl. but forgiven. we back at one. god bless keyshia and her family. and holler at me at doubleyou602 on IG and twitter.


  10. Call Me Baby

    And after all that coattail riding, you Bey Stung Stans still remain nameless. You’re looking to defend someone who would never stoop to defend you. You all are pathetic little dust mites desperate to ride someone else’s wave because you don’t have a life or a career of your own. So over you lost little bees. There is more to music than Beyonce! Besides, Keyshia Cole is entitled to her opinion about whoever and whatever.

    Finally, Bow Dow was a garbage song even Beyonce’s label wouldn’t get behind. They knew it wasn’t the right message. Why don’t you lames get that? Matter of fact, why don’t you all just get a life!

    Keyshia do you Boo.


    karamelkisses Reply:

    @Call Me Baby, bye felicia! in that interview, keyshia was back peddling so fast it was equally pathetic & sad. she made her comment & got her ass ate up on social media for it. here’s the thing, you or she don’t have to be a beyonce fan but fact is beyonce walked through door opened for her by her inspirations (diana, mariah, etc) to open doors for others (rihanna, jennifer h. AND keyshia). she redefined what a pop star should be and look like (beautiful, classy & have the ability to actually sing). like I stated above, keyshia had a visceral reaction to bow down which speaks volumes since it was a song for beyonce’s detractors. the dog howls at the moon, the moon NEVER howls back. beyonce would never mention this bitch & give her the free promo she desperately needs AND wants!
    p.s. not only did b’s label stand behind bow down but they stood behind the other 13 songs on her fifth title album beyonce. so maybe you should be the one to get a life!


  11. GirlLetMeTellYou

    OKAY I MUST SAY I WAS SO ON KEYSHIA WHEN ALL THE BEYONCE CRAP HAPPENED BUT NOW THAT SHE SAID WHAT SHE SAID I FEEL BAD ABOUT HOW I WAS BAD MOUTHING HER AND NOT LISTENING TO HER MUSIC ANY MORE LOL I WAS REALLY UPSET BECAUSE I THOUGHT KEYSHIA WAS HATIN AND THAT WAS NOT THE KEYSHIA I KNOW SO FOR THAT IM SORRY LOL (like she gone read this) AND LOOKING AT THIS WOMEN TALK ABOUT ALL THAT IS GOING ON IN HER LIFE…SHE REALLY LOOKS BROKEN TO ME (this is my opinion) Like She looks so sad i really do feel for her with all the divorce stuff and her mom and sister not being in her life its really sad. But im praying for you keyshia and lol im back on the ban wagon aha


  12. kaidence

    OMG will everyone plz hop off beyonce heels. Ppl are evite to their opinion. Tbh beyonce doesn’t even know who beyonce us. She goes from oh I’m mellow sassy self righteous barely let out a cuss word and an idol to oh I’m discovering my sexuality now I want to be ratchet and vulgar lol. She did a whole 360 and it seems so orchestrated and forced. She was becoming boring so she had to go to the extreme. She’s beyonce an established very successful and respected entertainer so to put heels out there and be the basic ghetto chic was a bit much. The iTunes album release was genius but the content of the album was garbage. Yes she had hot beats but the lyrical concept was immature and basic. Ppl are so infatuated with her that they actually believe that crap of an album is ground breaking. She’s an incredible artist but this album is not up to part. I don’t think keyshia meant her statement as a diss. I agree worth her. Beyonce went from let’s empower women, let’s be classy and strong to bitch bow down trying to be down and typical as to what’s out right now.


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