Video: Justin Timberlake – ‘Not a Bad Thing’

Not a Bad Thing

Justin Timberlake launches a search for love in the video for “Not a Bad Thing,” the third single off his album The 20/20 Experience – 2 of 2.

The video, which premiered on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” is based on a true story of a guy who proposed to his girlfriend on the Long Island Rail Road using Justin’s song. The clip is less music video and more a documentary about finding love, and doesn’t feature an appearance from Timberlake.

In their quest to find the lovers, a search party plasters signs around town and gets the word out on the radio and Twitter using the hash tag #haveyouseenthiscouple.

There is also commentary from couples who found true love, giving insight into their relationships.

Will their search prove successful? Watch them keep romance alive.

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  1. JT fan

    I was with it until the gay couple thing. No hate towards homosexuals at all, but it’s being put out there too much now. If people feel that way that’s fine, but kids who don’t understand their feelings yet might begin to grow up confused because of agendas being pushed on everyone. Hope this doesn’t offend.


    uono Reply:

    @JT fan, It’s not about pushing agendas on anyone. It’s REALITY. Homosexuality is as normal as being a heterosexual at this point.. It’s life a people will have to deal with or live they’re lives worrying about what others are doing. Homosexuals can influence heterosexuals to be gay as much a heterosexuals can influence homosexuals to be straight. People are who they are.


    Mandela Barb Reply:

    @JT fan, This was my favorite song from the second 20/20 Exp. I love it.


  2. Hugh

    Heres hoping for video 2 of 2


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