Video: Trina – ‘Money Ain’t a Problem’


Da Baddest Bitch is back. Trina bosses up in the video for “Money Ain’t a Problem,” the first single off her upcoming album.

In the flashy visuals, the Miami rap diva sits in a bathtub full of money and wears a ski mask made of hundred-dollar bills. She covers herself in body paint, licks a gold gun, and pops champagne with her girls while seated in a throne.

“I’m the queen till the death of me / I’m higher than the epitome,” declares Trina on her hustler’s anthem.

She will release her sixth album this summer. “I’m independent, I’m a boss, I’m the CEO. I can do whatever I wanna do,” Trina told MTV’s “RapFix Live.” “I’m just at a place in my life and my career, I make the choices I make, I call the shots.”

See Trina flaunt her assets in the showy video.

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  1. Relvry

    I was rooting for trina. It’s clear that she’s still a free agent. I thought MMG was supposed to be picking her up but I guess not. This ain’t pretty though.


    slyboi Reply:



  2. @AveryVenture

    I see what she was trying to do…. but I don’t think it came out that way. She needs a new producer and someone to help her express her feeling more accurately and to the tune of modern day rap music. She still has potential. There can still definitely be a comeback.


    hipfds1 Reply:

    @@AveryVenture, Well I didn’t care for the video and the lyrics were OK, but Trina still fly. I’ve seen better videos by her. The song is money aint a problem, but from the looks of the video quality money seems to have been a problem,it was lacking a lot. Not hating at all, but just wish the video would have lived up to what I know she can do. Not giving up on her at all, besides she still better than some of the other artist out there.


  3. TrinaFan

    Trina is the Queen and this video is so hot! And btw Relvry, she stated in her interview w Rapfix that Rick Ross and her discussed teaming up but they both felt she didn’t need to be under anyone else since she has her own brand and is a boss chick in her own right. #SitYaBrokeAzzDown


    Relvry Reply:

    @TrinaFan, girl bye. I’m a trina fan too I’m just not delusional like you are. Trina’s time is up…and if she’s making her own moves she’s not moving right. That doesn’t even make sense…she’s gonna turn down MMG , which would bring her new funding/promotion…?? You delusional hoe lol Truth is Ross is a smart man and knew trina could bring nothing new to the table. I love trina but she’s done for unless she does something new with this “brand” of hers which has proven to be repetitive and up evolving.


    TrinaFan Reply:

    @Relvry, sit your tired, raggedy ass down already girl! It IS a smart move to stay independent for Trina. She may not be mainstream but not a lot of female rappers are these days. she already has a core fan awe so it’s good that she stays independent and gets most of the money from her album sales. And she is a damn QUEEN. LEGEND status hoe! And if Jay-Z can still rap at 44 then so can Trina at 34. And u talking bout she raps about the same stuff… Well wtf do all these male rappers do???! U the delusional one. Open your eyes.


  4. Chris bridges

    Wusup I got a lot on my mind after that I no how to clear it once you hooked aint no turnin back. So keep a nigga posted on this gansta shit. Trina the baddest always been the baddest still giving it to em that’s 100. like pure Columbian im 5000. Ya heard me.


  5. DON

    She ain’t on Forbes tho. *Kanye voice*


  6. VM

    Now look how natural Trina sounds rapping compared to how put on Iggy Azalea is


  7. EveRyder

    I love Trina and the song is hot! The video was just ok….I wished it would’ve been a little more creative tho. Trina and eve or 2 of my fave female rappers. I can’t wait for her 6th album. She da baddest bitch and I hope she come harder than ever now that she unfortunately independent. I got a lot of belief she can kill it without a major label bcuz she’s a hustler.


  8. RedBoneThrown

    I knoe who’s Shes targeting & if I’m correct me if I’m wrong its Beyonce… i mean look at it Beyonce’s been labeled as the QueenBey & since theirs no other opponent to step up to the plate but Trina.besides Khia Trina put her in her place & kiesha Cole don’t count, lol!i mean think about it so i love this beef i support her 100%..


    relvry Reply:

    @RedBoneThrown, are you retarded or are you trolling.. please have a seat then recline because this was the dumbest comment i’ve read in 2014


    Mz. Peachez Reply:

    @RedBoneThrown, girl…..WHAT?!?! Take a nap.


    QueenNicki Reply:

    @RedBoneThrown, have several seats


  9. Jasper Young

    We know you the badest However there just gotta be that City SWAGGERs your sexuality is hidden deep wrapped up in wanting and desiring tru love I.E you barke the loudest but have thee softest heart I love you


  10. JustTooBADD

    Trina has always been in her own lane. People hate her for no reason. If they got to know the real her, and see how humble she is they will support and respect her. All of her fans are not fans based off of her music but she has people that like her because she’s a beautiful female rapper. Trina has once stated “Let Me Be I Ain’t Choose The Game Hoe The Game Chose Me!”. She will remain the most consistent female rapper of all time. She’s independent because she wants to pocket her money.


    QueenNicki Reply:

    @JustTooBADD, right


  11. Jonathan

    *Yawns* The Pink Print will be here in a few…


  12. QueenNicki

    Trina has always been different in the Rap Game

    But The Pink Print In May


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  14. jada dior

    Man trina the baddest bitch that video was off the chain if you not a true trina fan since 98 till now will never understand her n her work


  15. jada dior

    Trina fan all day


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