Future Addresses ‘Drunk in Love’ Confusion on ‘Wendy’


After celebrating Ciara’s baby shower over the weekend, Future headed back to NYC for work. On Monday, the “Honest” rapper sat down with talk show queen Wendy Williams to chat about his personal and professional life. He confirmed that he and Ciara are expecting a baby boy and opened up about their wedding plans.

He also addressed the confusion over his song “Good Morning,” which sounds a lot like Beyoncé’s “Drunk in Love.” Future said that he demoed the Detail production for Bey before recording his version, which will not appear on his sophomore album Honest.

“It’s not on the album because toward the first beginning of the song it’s like the same melody,” explained Future.

Plus, he hit the stage to perform the title track and “Move That Dope.”

On his wedding: “The wedding plans are going great. I’ma let [Ciara] handle the wedding. I’m doing my album. The album’s coming out April 22, so she’s coordinating [the wedding]. Very well. She’s doing a great job at that. I’m just approving everything.”

On settling down with Ciara: “For me, it just gave me balance. You’re doing so much so you can just focus on your career, not chasing girls, chasing different women or whatever.”

On “Drunk in Love”: “I demoed the song with the producer. I demoed it first for her to listen to. I guess she had done the record and she was saving the record. I had did another version, ‘Good Morning,’ because we didn’t know when she was going to put the album out. Then she put it out [in] December, after I was supposed to put my album out in November, it just pushed my song to the side.”

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  1. Bitches In Paris



  2. Chloe

    So you ran in this post to put “ZZZZ”? Mmhmm birds and trolls everywhere.

    I liked Future in this interview. It’s nice to see him in a different environment although at times he seemed shy. Looking forward to his album droppin.


    farrah Reply:

    @Chloe, Every woman loves a laid back deep kinda brother full of high testosterone!


  3. harris



  4. WayneOhmar

    My thing is if future demoed the song for Detail so Bey could have it, why would he go record the same song for his album?. JUST because they didn’t know when Beyonce was going to drop her album,doesn’t mean take back the song you already sent out. That’s messy and Bad business


    ludo_music Reply:

    @WayneOhmar, you have to understand that beyonce doesn´t write her songs like she says …


    Miss_Mabs Reply:

    @ludo_music, Bitch please, you just love to dwell in negativity.. Go be productive with your day. Only a dense person ala @meme, wouldn’t have comprehended that Detail the producer came with the concept and melody. End Of. Have a productive day, good bye.


  5. smh

    Big a$$ head looking alien


  6. jazma

    If people really listen to what he said, it sounds like he was trying to say she didn’t steal the song but then he went on to say how he demoed it first and he didn’t know if she was going to do it, but when she came out with it in December then he couldn’t do the other version he did for himself,because the beginning of the two records sound so much alike. Truth be told it was still messy of Bey and Jay to go ahead and do the song without consulting Future. Sounds like he didn’t want to throw her under the bus because he’s afraid what might happen if he does. Future, this is what you and any artist out there should expect when you deal with Beyoncé and Jay, they will steal the pants off of you….everyone should know their track record by now…duh.


  7. not_a_fan

    damn jazma, have you worked with these two crooks before or do you just know demons when you see them???


  8. Taniyah

    You need to shut the FUCK up
    Future is a sexy ass beast


  9. india

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  10. india

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    None of the new generation got talent,i don’t know why these bitches didn’t get an abortion make the world a better place.


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